6 Best Trello Alternatives for 2022 – Project Management & Task Management Online Tools

Looking for best Trello Alternatives to manage projects smoothly?

Trello is one of the most popular web-based online project management tool used by many professionals around the world. Trello can also be considered as task management tool, list management tool, to-do list tool and collaboration tool as well. Trello is absolutely free collaboration tool with some amazing features and if you want to use extra features then don’t worry they have subscription option as well where you can subscribe different plans according to your use.

In Trello users can create several boards categorized by either project or team members to manage everything. In Trello board users can attach photos, files and other important stuffs. In Trello users can add comments, put labels to any task, checklist and collaborate with team mates easily. Trello is an online tool so users can access it anytime, anywhere. Trello is also available as Mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. Trello is compatible with modern and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

best trello alternatives

Trello was developed by Fog Creek Software in 2011 and later acquired by Atlassian in 2017. Currently Trello plan has 3 different pricing options based on user’s interest. In Free plan users are available to use unlimited personal cards and boards. Business class and Enterprise option has several extra features which can be used by big companies and project team based on their requirements.

On Trello platform, if any single project has multiple team members across countries or different companies then they can also manage project from single boards. Yes, Trello is that much compatible and very secure as well. Just make sure your board is private and not public else anyone can access the board.

Well, indeed Trello is one of the best project management tool for teams or companies but it doesn’t mean it’s the only tool available online and businesses use only this tool to manage their projects. There are some other fabulous tools available online just like Trello.

6 Best Trello Alternatives – Top Project Management Tools

Buckle Up ! Here we are reviewing the best trello alternatives which provides incredible and advanced project management tool features. These tools will help project managers to manage their team easily and provide the tasks accordingly. Watch out the detailed feature of each and every project management tool listed below.

#1 ClickUp – Top Trello Alternative

best trello alternatives clickup

ClickUp is one of the best Trello Alternatives having complete features. ClickUp has all the features and benefits which should have in one complete project management tool. ClickUp has To-Do Lists tool, Project management tool, Docs & Notes, Spreadsheet, Email & Chat, Events, Reminders, Goal tracking, Time tracking, Screenshots and even recordings.

ClickUp can easily replace your existing multiple project management tools because it’s all-in-one package. ClickUp is also ahead when it comes to UI design and User experience. ClickUp has the smooth UI and interface which makes easy for users to manage all projects and tasks.

Important features of ClickUp

  • ClickUp can be used by all staff members in any organization
  • Easy, Reliable and Fast user interface
  • Complete training and help docs available
  • Different views available for different tasks
  • Free 24×7 Support
  • Real-Time chat
  • 1000+ Integrations

ClickUp Integrations

  • Google Drive / DropBox / Box
  • GitHub / GitLab / WebHooks
  • Google Calendar / Outlook
  • Slack / Zoom / Google Assistant
  • HubSpot / Forms / Evernote / SalesForce

ClickUp Pricing

#2 Wrike – Best Project Collaboration TOol

Wrike is one of the most trusted online project management tool used by leading global companies including Airbnb, Verizon, SurveyMonkey and others. Wrike is one of the best single digital workspace for all types of organizations including Startup, SMB’s and even Enterprises. Wrike is used by 20000+ organizations and managed by over 2M+ users worldwide.

Using Wrike team and employees can easily integrate some of the leading tools and apps including Salesforce, Tableau, Mediavalet, Google Drive and many more such tools.

Wrike Features

  • View real-time reports
  • Integrate with leading tools
  • Save huge time in reporting
  • Allocate tasks easily

Wrike Integrations

  • SalesForce
  • Github / Jira / TestLodge / Marker.io
  • Gmail / Outlook
  • Slack / Microsoft Teams
  • MS Office
  • Google Drive / Box / OneDrive / DropBox

Mobile & Desktop Apps

  • Windows & Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Wrike Pricing

#3 Asana – Best Project Management Tool

Asana is one of the best Trello alternatives with easy features and incredible user interface. With the help of Asana now get rid of manual tasks and shift yourself and team to automation. Asana tool allows it’s users to simplify workflows, reduce errors and even save time in reporting as well. Asana is free project management tool with some basic features and has 3 different pricing plans including Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Asana Features

  • Free tool allows to collaborate with 15 team mates
  • Users can easily integrate with Apps & tools
  • Allows advanced integration with Salesforce, Power BI, Tableau and many more tools
  • Advanced search and reporting
  • 100+ Integrations

Asana Integration

  • Microsoft Teams / Slack / Zoom
  • YouTube / Loom / Vimeo
  • Gmail / Outlook / Mailbird
  • MailChimp / Mailbutler
  • Zapier / Automate.io
  • Google Drive / OneDrive / DropBox / Box
  • Canva / Adobe Creative Cloud / InVision
  • Google Calendar / Tableau / Google Sheets

Asana Pricing

#4 Backlog – Top Team Management Tool

Backlog is one of the easiest collaboration & project management tool. Backlog has very simple and powerful user interface thus it will take only minutes to understand the flow for team members. If you are collaborating with different professionals under one organization including designer, developer, client or other team member then this project management tool is for you. Backlog is purely designed for developers and it’s one of the best online project management software for developers.

With Backlog tool developers can keep track of bugs and errors under one platform. With the help of Backlog tool developers can easily integrate with Slack, Android, Google Doc, Google Sheet, Github and many such apps and tools.

Backlog Features

  • Manage Wikis – Project details available for all team members and editable as well
  • Boards – Visualize the project progress with Kanban-Style boards
  • Task Allocation – Manage task hierarchy easily
  • Gantt Chart – Timeline of entire project
  • Share important files easily with team members

Backlog Integration

  • TypeTalk
  • Slack
  • Cacoo
  • Jira Importer
  • LambdaTest
  • Google Sheets

Backlog Pricing

#5 Airtable – Flexible and Advanced Project Management Tool

Airtable is one of the most flexible online project management tool on which organization can manage anything, anytime and anywhere. On Airtable team can easily manage their projects in different views including Grid view, Calendar view, Gallery view and Kanban view.

Airtable has different pre-designed templates available for different profession and fields. This template includes social media calendar, Blog editorial calendar, Digital video production, Event planning, Marketing campaign tracking, Project tracker and many more templates.

One of the most important benefits of Airtable is that this tool is available as Desktop software and mobile app as well. Users can easily sync their data across all platforms and manage anything by seating anywhere.

Airtable Features

  • Available as desktop & mobile apps
  • Provides hundreds of pre-designed templates for different fields
  • Easy tools and social media integration
  • Customized views & fields

AirTable Integrations

  • Slack
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier / Automate.io
  • Google Drive / DropBox / Box
  • Google Calendar
  • BaseCamp / EventBrite
  • Evernote / GitHub
  • LinkedIn / Pocket
  • Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter
  • Trello / Zendesk

AirTable Pricing

#6 Paymo – Best Project Management Tool for SMB

Paymo online project management tool is perfect tool for small and medium sized business. Paymo has plenty of various important features including Task management, Time Tracking, Timesheet Reporting, Team Scheduling, Invoicing and integration with tools and apps.

With Paymo users can manage their tasks easily, schedule and monitor the tasks of other team members, and also do real time task comments. Team easily integrate important apps & tools including GSuite Google Apps Integration, Slack, Quickbooks & Xero and Zapier as well.

Paymo Features

  • Easy & Advanced task management features
  • Schedule and monitor all team members’ activities
  • Automatic time tracking of activities
  • Share reports directly with clients
  • Live updating time reports
  • High quality visual reports to track tasks

Paymo Integrations

  • API
  • Google Apps
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack / Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier

Paymo Pricing

If you are aware about any other best trello alternatives then please let us know in the comment. Point Gadget team will surely review each and every project and team collaboration tool and write detailed review accordingly.

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