Microsoft to Add Free Built-In VPN to Edge Web Browser – How to Use VPN on Edge?

Microsoft will soon add Free Built-In Virtual Private Network (VPN) to it’s web browser Edge. This step was taken to improve the security and privacy of the browser revealed in Microsoft Page Support.

Microsoft is testing Cloudflare Powered VPN in Edge browser which will be called as “Edge Secure Network”. The Built-In VPN feature will be rolled out for public soon as a part of security upgrade.

Once any user will turn on “Edge Secure Network” from the browser then the Edge will encrypt the web traffic so the ISP can’t collect the browsing information of users. Users browsing information will remain private and secure as per Microsoft Edge and that was much needed feature for the long time.

This new VPN feature on Edge will also hide the location of users as they are browsing on virtual private network. It means that users can easily access the content which is blocked in their countries like Netflix and Hulu shows. Yes, few Netflix shows are not visible in other countries and it’s very bad.

Well, new VPN feature on Edge browser isn’t free at all. To use Built-In VPN services users will get 1 GB free data for the month and they has to log-in to their Microsoft account so, company can track the usage data.

This feature is still under development and not available for early testing as well. Company suggested that this feature will soon roll out first for Microsoft edge insider users so, one can download that and join the testing program.

How to Use VPN on Edge Browser?

Once you get the feature on your web browser then simply go to “Settings & More” and select “Secure Network”.

Once click on it then user will redirect to Microsoft account and after the login one solid shield icon will appear on browser which means your VPN is connected.

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