9 Popular 90s TV Video Games You Can Play on Your Android Device Now [Mobile Apps]

We have got so many mails and messages regarding the request of mobile apps or games of 90s famous desktop games. Yes, we have gone through much research about popular 90s games which you liked the most but sadly not able to play anymore on your desktop. Here, we have searched 9 popular 90’s desktop games mobile app version on Android playstore which make you feel happy and take you back in your childhood.

9 Popular 90s Tv Video Games and Android Apps

1. Super Mario Android Game


Super Mario was one of the most popular 90s TV video game. Shigeru Miyamoto from Japan is the inventor of Mario Games and the character is still popular amongst adults (than childrens). Super Mario game is now available on Android devices for free. After purchasing the game one can play more modes in it as well. This super Mario android game is visually very good and any age group person can play it easily.

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2. Contra Android Game


Who can forget that “S” power in contra game during childhood? Yes, we all were dying to get this power while playing the game. Contra was one of the most adventurous games during childhood. Contra game can be played by 2 players and in this game both the players has to share the same screen so one can’t go ahead without other player. Contra has one player who has to complete his missions by killing other people with gun. There are plenty of games available on Play Store and we found this pretty good.

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3. Circus Charlie Android Game