5 Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers to Analyze Social Media Insights

Do you know the first ever social media networking site? Well we don’t have any concrete information about it but after some research we found some fascinating facts about social media sites.

According to our research first ever recognized social media site was sixdegrees.com which was launched back in 1997 and it was big milestone. Sixdegrees.com was acquired by YouthStream Media Networks in whopping $125 million just after 2 years of its launch in 1999.

The general definition of social media is that, various websites and mobile apps allows users to create and share content online and other people engage with them by liking or commenting on it. In Mid 2000 popular social media sites were Hi5, Friendster, Orkut and MySpace.com but right now you can’t count total social media sites on your fingers anymore.

Currently the most popular social media sites or mobile apps are facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter, Pinterest and many more.  Each and every social media platform has millions of daily active users and credit goes to tech evolution, good smartphones, internet usage and many advanced things happening in today’s time.

Professionals, actors, influencers, housewives, teachers, freelancer, marketers, workers and other countless people from different fields are not on social media platform. Social media site is not only about creating and sharing content with friends but currently it’s one of the best medium to earn money as well.

Many individuals started earning good money by being influencer only which one full time employee in private firm may not able to earn this money. Social media influencers are now one of the important professions in digital world.

Not just individuals but top brands, politicians, actors, athletes, Sports men & women and many other professionals are on social media channels provides daily update of their routine life. Earlier big brands were investing good amount of money on print media like TV advertisements, big banners, radio ads, and news paper ads but currently they are focusing more on social media ads and in influencer marketing because it’s giving much more return on investments.

If you are really active on social media sites and apps and crazy behind checking the number of likes, comments, reach, views and impressions of your posts on daily bases that means you are addicted to social media analytics. If you are into any marketing field then social media analysis of other accounts needs to be there in your skills because it’s the primary task for marketers to filter good influencers who gets good engagement on their profiles.

Many social media sites already have insights and analytics features like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but it was accessed from personal profiles only. Then how marketers will analyze the social media insights of other users? There are many social media analytics tools are also available on which marketers can easily check the important stats of other social media influencers.

We have reviewed and checked many promising social media analytics tools which provides good insights of primary social media sites including Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat and even twitter.