10 Best Royalty Free Stock Photo Websites to Download Copyright Free Images


If you are active on digital platform then you know the importance of photos. Photo, Picture or Image is a crucial part of any business, website, educational report, blog post, social media and other digital platforms as well.

There are many individual good photographers on social media who works pretty hard to capture beautiful image and uploads on their platform and after some days they see same image with other watermark on different platforms and channels which is heartbreaking for them. One photographer works really hard and spends money to capture good images and at the end of the day their image becomes viral on so called meme pages with their own watermark.

Right now photographers are smart now as they don’t publish their whole set of images on open and free platform like Instagram. If any business is planning to launch their website or any blogger writing detailed article on any niche then it’s possible that they may need some good images but if the writer or developer of that website and blogger is amateur then they copy the images from Google search result without any hesitation.

Currently there are many websites available which allows photographer to sell their photos online so, other users can’t copy images on their website, blogs or even on social media platform. These kind of images now has copyright and other users can’t use those images without permission.

So, what now? Finding high quality photos is not an easy task and it’s not affordable to hire professional models or go to places to click good photos. Don’t worry there are many stock photos available online which users can get at free of cost or at minimum price.

As mentioned that there are many free stock photo websites but some websites provide low resolution photos which might not be compatible with your requirement. So, here we have already filtered best free stock photo websites where you can download copyright free images.

Before using any stock photo on your website or blog you need to understand the creative commons license. Basically there is different kind of license under which you allow to use images but with certain conditions. Before downloading any image from free stock photo websites users must check the license else you might get sued by the photographers.

Point Gadget team reviewed mane free stock photo websites and filtered websites providing high quality royalty free images. These websites provides many free images for commercial use so, start downloading images now.

Best Royalty Free Stock Websites

Pixabay – #1 Royalty Free Photos Platform


Pixabay is number #1 source to download best royalty free photos and images. Pixabay has 1.7M+ free stock photos collection for various categories and businesses. Pixabay not only provides free images but also allows users to download copyright free videos. Yes, many business websites do add professional videos in their banner segment so, this is perfect platform for them.

If any user, professional, or creator download images from Pixabay and use on their website or blog then they neither need any permission nor need to give any credit to the Pixabay or user. From Pixabay platform users can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images and that too for commercial purposes and for that they don’t need any permission.

Users can use Pixabay images for below purpose as well

  • Facebook profile & Pages
  • Instagram profiles
  • Business websites
  • Twitter posts
  • Blog post / Articles
  • Any other social media platforms

In Pixabay there is safesearch filter as well which means it will block inappropriate or explicit images in the search result. Users can enable the safesearch option to see and download such images as well. It’s there purely to hide the adult content.

If you are photographer and want to contribute on such platforms then you can also publish your images on Pixabay platform. Pixabay do have some quality guidelines to upload your photos along with some terms and conditions so, make sure you read everything before uploading your photo on such platforms.

Pixabay platform also provides API support so, if any developer wants to integrate this platform either on other websites or app then do follow their API documentation (Canva also has Pixabay integration – Wait Canva also owns Pixabay)

Pexels – Best Free Stock Photos Platform

Pexels again one of the best free royalty free images platform to download high quality photos. Just like Pixabay.com Pexels also allowed free images along with free videos to use on their websites, social media platform and even on blog.

Pexels has the free photographs and images for various categories including black & white photos, nature photos, happy birthday images, free business videos, happy new year images, HD wallpaper, mobile phone wallpapers and many more.

Pexels has one more benefit that this platform has mobile apps as well. Yes, if you are looking for free quality images to publish on social media platform then you can easily download from pexels app to use instantly.

Pexels also provides the extensions and plug-ins to install on various platforms including Chrome, Photoshop, MS Offce and even WordPress. Pexels would be the advanced platform for millions of free stock photos.

If you really liked any photo and wanted to say thank you to the photographer then you can donate some money to photographer, can also say thank you on social media platforms and also give the credit of the photo on platforms.

Pexels also provides the API support so, users can integrate on either mobile apps or web platform. Photographers also can publish their content on Pexels platform by following certain quality guidelines.  


Before Pixabay and Pexels, Flickr was number #1 choice to download free images. Flickr is one of the biggest photos sharing websites where millions of users uploads and shares their photos. Flickr is not completely free platform to download and use any images as most of the photos on this platform are copyrighted images.

Users can’t use or modify any images from Flickr for commercial use or any other use. Flickr do have certain creative commons license so, make sure you understand about it which we also mentioned earlier.

Not all photographers but most of the photographers uploads their images under creative commons license to allow other users to use them under certain conditions. There is plenty of attributes license on Flickr photos but if you want to use or modify any image for free then must go for CC0 (Creative Commons Zero license).

On Flickr you must read the license very carefully because many image requires to give attribution as well so, if you use those images and doesn’t provide any attribution then the user can sue you to use their work without credit or attribution.

On Flickr you can view and explore plenty of amazing photos including wild-life, world map, beaches, sunrise and sunset, professional photos, tourist destinations and many more. If you are running any travel blog or website and looking for good quality websites then Flickr is perfect destination to download free stock photos.

Google Images

Google is the by default platform for any user to search and use images for their businesses or social media posts or for blog articles. Many users doesn’t know the advanced filters in Google Images where users can filter many things.

Not all images on Google search results are free to use but still many users use them without giving proper credit or read the conditions. Google Images do provide high quality and royalty free images but users need to find those images. Let me simplify the process to find free stock photos on Google.

Here is the process to find royalty free images on Google

  • Add keyword to search image in Google
  • Select Images tab from search result
  • Click on “Tools” option from Menu
  • Now one sub menu will open below the main menu
  • Click on Usage Rights option
  • Now select “Labeled for Reuse with Modification”

So, if you don’t find any image as per your requirement on other free stock photos platform including Pexels, Pixabay or Flickr then only try Google Images for some high quality images. Google will be always there to rescue you from difficult situation.

On Google Images there are different license as well so make sure you read the usage rights carefully to download and use free stock photo.

StockSnap.io – Download Royalty Free Images

StockSnap.io is again one of the best royalty free stock photo collection site allows users to use and download free images. StockSnap allows users to check the statistics and insight of an individual image as well. Yes, users can check that how many times one particular image has been viewed and downloaded on this platform.

Many professionals who want to use such royalty free images outside online world then they can use this platform. With stocksnap professionals can use images for creating brochure design, magazine ad, banners and other similar things.

StockSnap.io platform sorted the catagories to make search easy for it’s users. On StockSnap they have also filtered popular searches like Nature images, women pictures, car pictures, HD wallpapers, Computer pictures, Food pictures, Business photos and many more things.

All photos of StockSnap has Creative Commons 0 license which means users are free to use and modify any images from Stocksnap. Users don’t need to give and credits or attribute to original photographer but it would be grateful if you give the credit.

Photographers can also contribute to StockSnap platform by submitting their photos. StockSnap platform has certain guidelines which you need to follow before submitting any photo. Some important guideline includes the minimum resolution, no explicit photo, usage rights belongs to you only, no overaly and many such rules.

StockSnap doesn’t provide the API support as of now but users can contact them to access the list early. StockSnap has very neat and clean user interface so, it would be great platform to download high quality royalty free images.

Freeimages – Free Images for Commercial Use

FreeImages has over 380,000 stock photos and royalty free images in different categories. FreeImages also prepared the collection of images which allows users to search images easily as per their requirement. FreeImages has premium stock photos collection as well so, don’t get confused.

FreeImages collection includes Architecture, Education, Food, Drink, Movie, Fashion, Celebrities, Nature, Landscape and many more royalty free images collection. On Freeimages.com users must read the license agreement before using any image from this platform.

Under each image you will get the complete photo detail including Focal Length, Exposure time, Aperture and many other important things. Apart from this users will also get to see the total downloads as well.

If any photographer wants to contribute their work with Freeimages.com then they can easily submit their work to this platform. Make sure you follow all guidelines, terms and conditions before submitting any professional work on this platform.


Unsplash is one of the most popular free stock photo websites provides amazing photo collection for major category. Unsplash could be the biggest community of photographers as many photographers are joining this platform on daily bases.

Unsplash has over 1 Million high quality photos collection to use for free. Many other platforms might have some glitch in their images or approves low quality photos for their platform but Unsplash hand-select each and every photo which meets the quality guidelines thus you will find the perfect photo as per your need.

Unsplash has 150K photographers community which means you will get the best possible royalty free photo. Unsplash also provides the API and it already partnered with some leading platforms including BuzzFeed, SquareSpace and Trello.

Users don’t need to sign up on this platform to download photos. To download any photo or video from any platform one must read the license and if possible they should provide the credit to the photographer as well.

Unsplash also has the pretty good photo collection for every category to make it easy for users to download images. If you are also a photographer and want to join this community to connect with other photographers then feel free to join. Unsplash also allows you to contribute your work so, start submitting your best photos on this platform.

Foter – 335M+ Free Stock Photos

Foter has the biggest collection of royalty free images having over 350+ Million stock photos. Foter originally uses Flickr API to display the creative commons photos but it’s not associated with Flickr anyway.

Foter has the maximum images to use for commercial purpose as well which makes this platform unique. Just like other platform users need to check the license for this platform as well because Foter has some restrictions, terms and conditions to use their images.

Yes, users can definitely use images for commercial purpose and even modify the image but they must need to give attribute and credit to foter. Under each and every image user will get the HTML code to add as attribution on their site or blog.

The only disadvantage of Foter platform is that it doesn’t provide high quality images as the resolution for the images are limited but they are still the useful images. Users can also embed the photo on their blog or website using Foter platform.

Splitshire – High Quality Royalty Free Images

Splitshire is not a big photo sharing website but it’s increasing the photo limit day by day. Currently Splitshire has 1000+ photos and those too creative photos which can be used as absolutely free. Splitshire has 2M+ downloads and increasing.

Splitshire has very simple user interface and it has certain categories as well so, users can easily download photos to use. Users can use Splitshire photos for various purposes including Website or Mobile app, Ad materials, Templates, Brochures, Social media posts, Social media banners, Book covers, Magazines and many such platforms.

Splitshire also has some royalty free videos which can be used in business intro video or on website. Users can also subscribe to their mailing services to receive photos daily in their inbox.


Reshot is again has the high quality free stock photos for every possible category. If you are into freelance profession, creator or startup then you can easily use this wonderful platform for free photos.

All the photos on Reshot are contributed by individual photographers and the photography community. If you are into photography profession and also want to submit your work to Reshot then you can easily mail them so, they can review your photos.

Reshot also has some sponsored photos which they posted with partnership so, you can also buy those photos as well.

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