14 Best & Popular Google Doodle Games & Quick Search Google Games to Play for Timepass


Ok, now you don’t have to buy expensive Xbox or Play station as you can do timepass on Google Doodle games easily and free. Google Doodle is nothing but temporary alternate of Google logo on it’s homepage. Google sets different Google Doodle based on national or international holidays, some local or international sports event like cricket world cup, Olympics, Asian Games or other related sporting events worldwide.

Google often sets Google Doodle for particular countries as well including some famous personality’s birthday or death anniversary or other local events. Google Doodle is extremely popular amongst users as it gives the different information regarding events or person. Till date Google published thousands of Google doodle featuring artists, cricketers, musicians and other important niche people. Google also sets doodle on country’s Independence Day which makes their country’s people proud. If any user has birthday and searching anything on Google with sign in then Google also shows “Happy Birthday” doodle to that user.

The first Google Doodle was come on 30th August 1998. Brin and Larry page – founder of Google decided to visit Burning Man festival on the last week of August month in 1998 and the idea of Google doodle came out of it accidentally as they set burning man just behind the letter O in logo.

After that Google Doodle the team sets various doodle’s and people loved it and since then it’s going on strongly. Some Google Doodle’s were so famous that people still remember them vividly for example Google’s 15 year’s anniversary doodle.

So, let’s talk about Google Doodle Games or Google Quick Search games which people forgets in short time. People plays Google Doodle Games when they actually sets on Google home page and once the 24 hours gets over people forgets about it but loved to play that game. Some users complained that they don’t know how to play that Google Doodle game again on Google home page once it’s gone from home page. There are many games available on Google Play Store but you can easily play below google doodle games at one go.

So, without wasting any time further let’s discuss few famous Google Doodle Games which you can play on Google by following links

Best Google Doodle Games

#1 Snake – Chinese New Year Google Doodle Snake Game


This Google Doodle Game was set on 10th February 2013 on the occasion of Chinese New Year. This Google Doodle was seen on some local search engine’s home page including Google Taiwan and Google Thailand. Google decided to celebrate Chinese New Year by placing amazing Snake game which was very popular on mobile phones and people loved to play it in their free time. Google have already set various Doodles on Chinese New Year but it was something creative which people loved very much.

#2 Google Halloween Game Google Doodle


Ok, this is my favorite Google Doodle Game till date. Halloween celebrated and observed in several countries including USA. We are not going to discuss much about Halloween here as you all might know about it. Google sets wonderful doodle game on 31st October 2016 where you can see one cat holding the wand in hand and you need to swipe the wand and draw the particular characters/design to shhhh away the ghosts to save friends.

#3 Google Doodle Cricket Game


Who doesn’t like to play cricket and especially in sub-continent region? This cricket Google Doodle Game was one of the most addictive games till date and people enjoyed it thoroughly. This Google Doodle Game was set on the occasion of the start of the Champions Trophy back in 1st June 2017 and people loved it crazily. In this game the pest was betting and the snails was fielding on the ground and all you need to hit the space bar when the ball comes. Just play it on Google Doodle and you will surely love it.

#4 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle Game


This is one of the cutest Doodle Game google sets on homepage during the Valentine’s Day 2017. In this game Pangolins were romancing with each other. In this game the basic story is that 2 pangolins are separated and sending love letters to each other. Pangolin only meets their mates so; they travel around the world to learn how to pull perfect date. So, in this game you need to collect some cocoa beans to make perfect dessert etc.

#5 Basketball Google Doodle Game


In this Basketball Google Doodle game you can spend maximum hours without getting bored. This Google Doodle Game was set on 8th August 2012. In this game all you need to hold the basketball and throw it into the basket at perfect time. The more you hold the ball the more it gets far. You had to calculate the distance between you and basket and throw balls accordingly. It’s fun game isn’t it.

Apart from Google Doodle Games – Google Quick Search games are also very famous. For example Google provides certain games directly on search results if users search particular keywords. We will list out some famous Google Quick Search games as well in this article.

#6 Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle Game

 Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle Game

Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular puzzle objects since ages. As a teenager Rubik’s Cube was one of the most difficult puzzles for me and still it is. Many people haven’t solved this Rubik’s Cube puzzle and struggling to do so. In today’s scenario if you don’t have any teenagers at your home then it’s not possible that you have Rubik’s Cube as well. Rubik’s Cube was found by Hungarian inventor and Professor of Architecture Erno Rubik on May 19th, 1974. Many people can still solve Rubik’s Cube quickly but many still find it difficult.

If you don’t have Rubik’s Cube at home then you can download Rubik’s Cube game on your mobile device and if you want to play it quickly then don’t worry you can always play as Google Doodle game. On 40th Anniversary Google sets this as Doodle for its users.

Coding – Popular Google Doodle Game

In 2017 Google celebrated 50 years of kids coding by launching one amazing Google Doodle game related to coding. This coding game is featuring one bunny and some trick steps to allow bunny to take carrots effortlessly. This game is quite mind game and kids has to use it’s mind to grab all the carrots in this game. There are different command titles in the bottom and kid has to put right command at right place to get the carrots. The main motto behind this game it to make coding as more fun and more interactive for the kids.

In general kids should learn basic coding with some interactive user interface which interests them more to learn coding when they grow up.

Top Quick Search Google Games

#1 Google Birthday Surprise Spinner Game

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner Game

This is the by far best Quick search Google Game. Not just quick Google search but, Google sets this as a Game Doodle on 27th September 2017. In this Google Birthday Surprise Spinner there is around 19 different games and all you had to spin the wheel and whatever option comes you had to play it. Here are the all 19 games which is available in Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

  1. Snake
  2. Cricket Game
  3. Earth Day Quiz
  4. Hip Hop Game
  5. Oskar Fischinger Visual Music Composition Creator
  6. Breathing Exercise
  7. Tic Tac Toe
  8. Google’s 15th Birthday Game
  9. Scoville Game
  10. Arpeggios Music Lab
  11. Animal Sounds
  12. Pac Man
  13. Beethoven Game
  14. Valentine’s Day Game
  15. Halloween Game
  16. Galapagos Islands: Discover Darwin’s Living Laboratory
  17. Solitaire
  18. Clara Rockmore Theremin Lesson
  19. Pony Express Game

Above Google Games are one of the finest filtered either Google Doodle Games or Quick Search Games which we have added individually in this list.

#2 Solitaire Google Game

Solitaire Google Game

This by default game of windows PC is one of the top time pass game for office employees when the internet gets disconnected. Solitaire game is actually needs some mind to play and win the game. This card game can be play any day and any time. This game is also come as a mobile app in Android and iOS devices and millions of users are still playing this. All you need to write “Solitaire” in Google and game will be displayed directly on Google search result.

#3 Pac Man Google Game

Pac Man Google Game

No, we are not talking about the movie Pac Man but the game. Pac Man is indeed very popular games amongst teenagers and kids and still played by millions of users. This is very simple game and all you need to use the arrow buttons on your keyboard. Just write “Pac Man” in Google and the game will be displayed on top of the search result and you can play directly using your keyboard.

#4 Tic-Tac-Toe Google Game

Tic-Tac-Toe Google Game

Ok, believe me or not I have filled my half of school notebooks with this Tic-Tac-Toe game. This game can be play with either Google bot or any of your colleague or friend. There are 3 levels available in this game – Easy, Medium and Impossible. Just write Tic-Tac-Toe in Google and write straight away.

#5 Atari Breakout Google Game


This is not search result game rather you need to visit the images page after searching “Atari Breakout”. After writing this keyword in Google Images all the images will converts into brick or box and one ball will hit each box and you will score a point.

#6 Play Snake Game on Google

Play Snake Game on Google

Snake Game is one of the most popular games during childhood when Nokia launched their early 3310 model. Yes, we loved to play this game during day and night on our dad’s phone and it was more addicted then the computer and TV games. In this game you get one small snake and one ball point. All you have to catch the ball point via snake by moving it up and down. As soon as the snake gets this ball it will increase in size but make sure you don’t touch the side screen of your mobile device while moving the snake else the game will be finished. Google also allows you to play this wonderful game directly on their home page. All you need to write the “Snake Game” in search bar and Google will provide one game dashboard to play this game.

#7 Minesweeper Google Game

Minesweeper Google Game

Honestly, most of the gamers don’t know at all how to play Minesweeper game as they randomly clicks on any box and if they are lucky then they will survive in this game. Minesweeper was one of the most popular games during childhood to play on Windows OS along with the Solitaire. If you want to play this game today quickly then just search “Minesweeper” in Google search bar and play this game with improved graphics and good sound effects. If you know how to play Minesweeper game then you will love this game on Google.

So, here are few famous Google Doodle Games and Quick Google Search Games which we loved so much and can spend hours by playing them. If you know such more games than simple comment down below and let us know.

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