14 Best & Popular Google Doodle Games & Quick Search Google Games to Play for Timepass

Ok, now you don’t have to buy expensive Xbox or Play station as you can do timepass on Google Doodle games easily and free. Google Doodle is nothing but temporary alternate of Google logo on it’s homepage. Google sets different Google Doodle based on national or international holidays, some local or international sports event like cricket world cup, Olympics, Asian Games or other related sporting events worldwide.

Google often sets Google Doodle for particular countries as well including some famous personality’s birthday or death anniversary or other local events. Google Doodle is extremely popular amongst users as it gives the different information regarding events or person. Till date Google published thousands of Google doodle featuring artists, cricketers, musicians and other important niche people. Google also sets doodle on country’s Independence Day which makes their country’s people proud. If any user has birthday and searching anything on Google with sign in then Google also shows “Happy Birthday” doodle to that user.

The first Google Doodle was come on 30th August 1998. Brin and Larry page – founder of Google decided to visit Burning Man festival on the last week of August month in 1998 and the idea of Google doodle came out of it accidentally as they set burning man just behind the letter O in logo.

After that Google Doodle the team sets various doodle’s and people loved it and since then it’s going on strongly. Some Google Doodle’s were so famous that people still remember them vividly for example Google’s 15 year’s anniversary doodle.

So, let’s talk about Google Doodle Games or Google Quick Search games which people forgets in short time. People plays Google Doodle Games when they actually sets on Google home page and once the 24 hours gets over people forgets about it but loved to play that game. Some users complained that they don’t know how to play that Google Doodle game again on Google home page once it’s gone from home page.

So, without wasting any time further let’s discuss few famous Google Doodle Games which you can play on Google by following links

Best Google Doodle Games