10 Best Educational & Learning Apps for Kids, Toddlers & Preschoolers [Free/Paid]


Preschools and Schools has been shutdown in entire world due to Covid-19 Corona Virus and not sure when it will open again. Recently one news came from USA where New York mayor announced that NYC schools will be shutdown till academic year.

Many schools and teachers are already running online classes during this tough time but it doesn’t lasts long and sometimes student’s gets bored due to less engagement and lack of practical world. Thus many parents are very worried about their kids, toddlers and preschoolers. Schools already have some good equipements for kids to play and learn many things thus parents don’t buy that often for home. But, due to Corona virus kids are not going to school and many parents doesn’t have any proper learning equipments for kids.

Currently parents can’t even go with kids to nearby park for some physical activities due to social distancing. This is the challenging time for every parent as they need to train their kids mentally and physically and that too while staying at home. In free time many kids grab their mom or dad’s phone and ipad to play games or watch videos on YouTube which is not a good sign as they may see for longer duration.

Parents are wondering what to do in this situation because they themselves needs to be fit physically and mentally thus looking after kids is pretty tough for them as well. Many parents are still doing work from home so, it makes more difficult for them to look after their kids.

But wait, many parents are smart enough to crack it. Yes, they have installed some pretty educational and learning apps for kids, toddlers and preschoolers in their ipad or mobile devices which makes their kid busy but in good activities.

These apps are highly engaging apps which will learn something new to your kids during this quarantine time. But make sure you don’t give the device for whole day or rather set screen time for kids so, you can monitor your kids activity accordingly.

Here we have identified and filtered some of the best educational and learning apps for kids, toddlers and preschoolers.

Best Educational & Learning Apps for Kids

#1 Amazon Kindle

Reading is one of the best activities for any kids so, if you don’t have any books at home or if your kids don’t like to read from books then Amazon Kindle app is best for them. Amazon Kindle is one of the best e-reader apps available on App store. Amazon Kindle has tones of kid and adult friendly books so, make sure they read the right books. Parents should teach their kids to adopt a reading as a hobby because it makes so much difference during their adulthood. Right book can give great amount of knowledge to anyone. Amazon Kindle app is free for it’s users though some of the books are paid in it.

#2 YouTube for Kids

YouTube for Kids is one of the special apps which is designed and curated specially for kids. YouTube for kids mobile app has so much kid friendly content including educational content, DIY content, Entertainment videos which specially chosen for kids. If your country doesn’t have YouTube for Kids app then don’t worry because regular YouTube has all the content similar to YouTube for Kids app but you need to search it. YouTube is working very hard that all content is child friendly and allowing option to users while they make any video live. YouTube for Kids is one of the best learning apps for kids. It has everything a parent want to show kids and learn something new in daily life. YouTube for Kids is idle learning app for kids of 3 – 6 years.

#3 Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps available on App Store thus it makes best learning app for kids as well. Kids, Adults and even elders should learn other languages in life as well because you don’t know when it comes handy in future. Duolingo learning app has many supported languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish and English as well. Duolingo app has Chinese and Russian language as well so, your kids can learn any language from it. Duolingo app is completely free for its users and in-app purchases are optional. If users want some premium perks of this app then they can opt for premium version as well.

#4 Classdojo

Classdojo is one of its kind virtual classroom app for kids and one of the best educational apps for kids. Classdojo allows students, teachers and parents to interact with each other in single app. In this app teachers discuss with childrens about the education needs and parents can monitor the update on timely bases. This app doesn’t provide the actual classroom experience but to some extent can give positive vibe and help about education to your kids. The only tough task of this app for parents is that they need to find the teachers who uses such app. Edmodo is also one of the best alternative of Classdojo app.

#5 Dragonbox

Dragonbox series is one of the best educational games for kids which help kids to understand and learn about basic math fundamentals. In Dragonbox series there are total five learning apps and each app has it’s own benefit. Few apps teaches algebra and geometry in it as well. Maths can be difficult for many students and for parents it’s best time to teach their kids maths basics when they are younger using such cool apps. Dragonbox is not free app as each game required payment but don’t worry it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

#6 Google Classroom

Google Classroom is another virtual classroom app just like Classdojo and Edmodo. This learning app is designed by Google so you can expect better quality over here. With the help of this app parents, teachers and students can interact with each other easily. Not just that but students can also interact with other students and can also upload important files and share with others. In Google Classroom app students can also turn in assignments and many more things. Just make sure your whole school sign up for this app to use it.

#7 Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles could be one of the best mind exercise game for kids, toddlers, adults and even elders. Yes, many elders are still doing crossword puzzles during their free time. During childhood we used to fill crossword puzzles either in magazines or news papers but right now many apps are available in app store where you can also do so. Crossword Puzzles is one of the best learning apps for kids to strengthen their vocabulary skills. If you are not aware about these Crossword puzzles then don’t worry here is quick guide.

In Crossword Puzzles there is square or rectangular shape having small shaded squares. The main aim is to fill the white squares with different letters which should form word or phrase. There will be different clues available which lead to form complete phrase or word.

#8 World Atlas / World Map

Geography knowledge could be quite a good fun for the kids. Having knowledge of World map, different countries, continents and capitals could be very helpful for kids. This knowledge will boost their general knowledge and can improve their grasping power as well. World Atlas or World Map apps will make your kids remembers things which directly help them to learn and remember things in their study. There are many simple and engaging apps are available on play store which gives complete knowledge about world map and different countries.

#9 Word Puzzle Games

Crossword and Word Puzzle Games are quite identical but yet different. In Crossword puzzles game you get the complete clue to form a word or phrase but in Word Puzzle Games you get only letter to form complete words. Word puzzle games are multiplayer games so your kid or toddler can play with their friends as well. Word Puzzle game is one of the best learning apps to kids ages 6 – 10 years.

#10 Quick Maths

As mentioned earlier kids should learn basic math skills at young age which easily helps them to solve math doubts when they grow up and upgrades to next class. Quick Maths app is one of it’s kind app where kids can learn maths via Tricks and Puzzles. Yes, kids generally can’t remember things as adults do thus they need some graphics, puzzles and tricks to understand and accept things. Learning and adapting new things is not an easy task for any one so, give your kids some time. Once they start using such best learning apps then they will easily adapt new challenges in their education.


We have studied hundreds of apps in play store and filtered above 10 best educational and learning apps for kids. If you have any other learning apps ideas for kids then feel free to share in comments.

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