5 Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android Smartphones to Use in 2021

How do you test your internet/carrier/WiFi speed on your smartphones? There are plenty of apps are available on Android Playstore but some are good and some not. Some Android apps are too heavy in size and some have too many advertisements. Today, we have compiled some of the best Internet Speed Test apps for android which is very good.

Best Internet Speed Test Apps for Android

#1 Speedtest by Ookla


Speedtest is one of the most popular applications to test internet speed. With the help of Speedtest Android app user can check internet speed by just tapping one button. This application is installed by millions of users across the world and has 4.4 ratings in Android play store. Using this application one can check download, upload speed on their smartphone devices. The size of Speedtest application varies with different devices.

#2 FAST Speed Test


FAST Speed Test application is owned by Netflix. The FAST Speed Test application is extremely simple and ad free so users won’t hesitate to use it. It will help you to check your internet connection speed on broadband or mobile.

#3 Meteor: Free Internet Speed & App Performance Test


Meteor is one of the most underrated internet speed and app performance test application available on Android playstore. Meteor has the 4.8 star ratings on Play Store and that’s the prime reason one should install this application.

Meteor allows you to check wifi and download speed test on your Android devices. It also helps you to test the app speed performance via their application. Meteor has several more features apart from internet speed test which makes this application different from other apps.