13 Best Quarantine Multiplayer Games to Play Online with Friends


As you all know that each and every country on planet suffering due to Covid-19 Corona Virus. It’s sad but many countries affected badly with this virus thus had to force lockdown in entire country. Many people are already facing some difficulties while staying at home because of various things. Those who are working from home doesn’t fine any difficulty because they are occupied with their work but some work requires to present at the place like retail market, offline stores, restaurants and many such workplace.

Students are also getting bored due to home quarantine as their exams got cancelled or postponed and no proper study during this time. Yes, many are playing board games at home with family but not all families have the board games because they didn’t get time to buy one. Many of popular 90’s games are already available as Game apps on mobile device but the real fun is not in it.

Many individuals are already missing their friends due to lockdown and the games which they play together on ground. Well don’t worry we have filtered some of the best quarantine games to play online with your friends today on your android and iphone mobile device. These games are online multiplayer games so, you can enjoy these quarantine games with multiple friends. Some of the quarantine games doesn’t require any audio transmission but some do so, make sure you play alone not in front of your family members to disturb them.

Best Quarantine Games to Play Online with Friends

PUBG – Best Online Multiplayer Game to play in Quarantine

PUBG aka PLAYERKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS doesn’t require any introduction as it is one of the best online battle royale game. PUBG game is inspired by Japanese film called Battle Royale released back in 2000. In this game up to 100 players went into an aeroplane with parachute and dropped on Stranded Island where each player gets equipments to hunt others. In this game the safe area decreases with time and player had to be available inside that safe area else they will loose life slowly. The last standing person wins the game. In this game player can play solo, 2 person and group of 4 friends together.

Some gamers are also doing live streaming of their games on Youtube and other live streaming sites to earn some money. This game is available for desktop, Android app and iOS app. If you doesn’t have high configuration device they don’t worry PUBG is available as lite version as well.

Ludo King – Best Online Board Game

Ludo is one of the most popular 90’s board game and now available online as android and iOS game. Ludo is board game and can be played with up to 4 players. In this board game each player will get one house with four tokens and with the help of dice they move each token from starting point to center point. If any token clashes with other token on same point than other token had to move back to home to restart again. First player who reaches out to center point wins the game and called as LUDO king.

Well, what if your friend is not available to play this game? Don’t worry to spend quarantine time you can always play with the computer inside the game. There are many LUDO games available on Play Store and App Store but here we are presenting the best ludo game for you to play online with friends during quarantine time.

Words with Friends 2 – Best Online Word Puzzle Game

Words with Friends is one of the best word game as well as brain game which can be played online with friends and family members. This Game can be played with husband, wife, brother, sister, friends, aunt, mom, dad, neighbor and many other relatives online. With this game you can challenge anyone to play the word game and believe me this is the best brain exercise game. In this game you need to create words out of the letters which issued to you. Whoever gets the most points wins the game.

So, expand your vocabulary knowledge and show your spelling skills with this game. You can either play with your friends or can match with anonymous partner. So, don’t wait and install best word puzzle game. This game is available both on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Fortnite – Multiplayer Battle Royale Game

Fortnite is again one of the best battle royale games just like PUBG but with improved graphics. Fortnite keep on updating their maps so, you don’t get bored at home during quarantine. Millions of active users are increasing in fortnite game so, you also shouldn’t wait to sign in to the game and play it online with friends. Fortnite is available free on Android, iOS, Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4. Cartoon graphics of this game appeals to many gamers thus fortnite has many positive reviews.

Asphalt 9 Legends – Best Online Car Racing Game

Asphalt 9 Legends is an arcade car racing game and one of the most popular racing game available online. In this game you will get the best speed cars available including Ferrari, Porche and Lamborghini so, choose your car accordingly to race against rival friends on amazing locations and become the legend of the track.

Gamers can collect over 50 best cool speed cars in the games which selected based on the performance metrics. Asphalt 9 Legends has 4+ ratings and one of the best quarantine games. This game has high graphics which required good device so, make sure your device is compatible with this game.

Mini Militia

Before PUBG and Fortnite, Mini Militia was the best online multiplayer game to play with group of friends. Mini Militia is pretty much exciting game to play in limited space but with some amazing equipments to hunt others. Mini Militia has creepy sound effects which can be very much irritated for some guys. This game doesn’t require audio chat but before quarantine this game is played by several friends together in one place only. Mini Militia is very quick game unlike PUBG so, you had to make quick decision.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the best pool game available online which can be played with friends during quarantine. If you know how Pool / Snooker games can be played then you will going to love this game for sure. If you don’t know about how to play 8 Ball Pool Game then don’t worry here is the quick guide for starters. In this game player had to hit all balls in the hole using the white ball. Player who gets the last ball wins the game. You can either play this game with friends or strangers. 8 Ball Pool game is available both on Android play store and iOS App Store.

Carrom Pool

Carrom is by far one of the best selling game in the world (Game Board) during quarantine. Each and every family has the carrom board hidden somewhere in the house for many years and grabbed during the quarantine time. If you are playing Carrom board game at home then you can play only with your family members but here we provide you online carrom board game which can be played along with your friends as well. In online carrom board games there are plenty of game modules available so you can opt any one.

Carrom board is a square board with 4 holes in each corner and there are several black and white tokens which you need to put in hole using one striker. Whoever puts maximum tokens in the game wins the game (Basic rule) but there are many game modules are available so, decide one according to your comfort.


Minecraft is one of the most evergreen games of all time which brings your childhood memories back. Minecraft game is now available for mobile devices as well. For starters who don’t know what minecraft game actually is then don’t worry here is quick guide. In Minecraft game you dropped on randomly generated world in which you can do whatever you want. In Minecraft game you can explore different world and build from homes to castles. You can play this game along with your friends as well.

Bowling King

Bowling game is quite costly when you play in malls or gaming stores but it is absolutely free when you play it online with friends. In bowling game all you had to pinned down the different pins with your ball. Bowling King has various exciting locations including Las Vegas, New York and Paris. This game is quite exciting and fun game to play online with friends during quarantine time.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the best action and adventure online multiplayer game to play with friends during quarantine. Call of Duty mobile game has amazing and iconic maps and modes which can be played anytime and anywhere with friends. If you love battle royale games to play on your smart phone device then you must install this game straight away. This game has 100 player battle royale battleground modes, fast 5v5 deathmatch and sniper vs sniper battle which makes this game more interactive and amazing.

Call of Duty game has everything one gamer required. Call of Duty is provides console quality HD graphics, customized controls, voice and text chat feature, 3D graphics and sound which makes this game more lovable by gamers. Call of Duty has some tough maps and game modes thus it makes quite difficult for games compare to PUBG game. So, if you want to experience the real gaming battle with friends then must play Call of Duty game on your device. Call of Duty game is available both on Android play store and iOS app store.

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the best FPS (First Person Shooter) game and currently hot favorite game amongst the Gamers. Critical Ops is exclusively designed for mobile device which means mobile gamers will love this game for sure. If your tactical skills are good and reflexes are sharp then you can easily swipe this game.

In Critical Ops gamers will get traditional maps and premises along with some challenging game modes. Critical Ops is one of the best battle royale online multiplayer game in which there is terrorist threat and your main job is to eliminate all of them. If you don’t want to wipe out the terrorists then you can also become the one to create chaos in the game. Critical Ops has one good news for all gamers as this game doesn’t have any in-app purchases. In Critical Ops game you can build a team by inviting your friends as well to wipe out all the terrorists to win the game.

Critical Ops do have death match game mode in which 2 different teams can fight with each other to win the game. In Critical Ops users can also join or host the game and if they want to host private rooms then they can do it as well.


Skribbl is one of the best online time pass game to play online with friends. If you and your friends are into word guessing game then this game is perfect for you all. Skribbl is perfect game to sharp your mind as it requires to guess the perfect word quickly based on drawing.

In Skribbl game you can play either with strangers or with your friends. Skribbl allows you to create one private room which you can share with your friends and can play with them. In this game you will get blank canvas on which one person will get the 3 random words to choose. Once they choose that word then they had to draw that object and other friends will guess the word based on your drawing. Other players will get 80 seconds to guess the word and whoever guess the word first win the maximum point.

If any other player liked or don’t liked the drawing then they can select the like/dislike option. If any player misbehaves in the game then you can also votekick them. Players need to make sure that they should only draw the object and can’t write the word in canvas. This game is very intense as each and every player wants to guess the word first. You need to play this game in browser as there isn’t any official app launched right now [Not in my idea]

So, It was the complete collection of best quarantine multiplayer games to play with friends online. We will keep reviewing other games and add games in this list accordingly. If you don’t find any friend free to play any game from above list then don’t worry you can always play Google Doodle Games for absolutely free in your free time.

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