13 Best Quarantine Multiplayer Games to Play Online with Friends

As you all know that each and every country on planet suffering due to Covid-19 Corona Virus. It’s sad but many countries affected badly with this virus thus had to force lockdown in entire country. Many people are already facing some difficulties while staying at home because of various things. Those who are working from home doesn’t fine any difficulty because they are occupied with their work but some work requires to present at the place like retail market, offline stores, restaurants and many such workplace.

Students are also getting bored due to home quarantine as their exams got cancelled or postponed and no proper study during this time. Yes, many are playing board games at home with family but not all families have the board games because they didn’t get time to buy one. Many of popular 90’s games are already available as Game apps on mobile device but the real fun is not in it.

Many individuals are already missing their friends due to lockdown and the games which they play together on ground. Well don’t worry we have filtered some of the best quarantine games to play online with your friends today on your android and iphone mobile device. These games are online multiplayer games so, you can enjoy these quarantine games with multiple friends. Some of the quarantine games doesn’t require any audio transmission but some do so, make sure you play alone not in front of your family members to disturb them.

Best Quarantine Games to Play Online with Friends

PUBG – Best Online Multiplayer Game to play in Quarantine