10 Best Indian Tech YouTube Channels and YouTubers with Quality & Honest Tech Videos [UPDATED]

Day by day use of internet is increasing in India and people are taking benefit from it as well. In today’s generation very less people like to read detailed content on website/blog, thus they are watching videos of their choices which gives quick information.

YouTube is one of the leading platforms to watch videos of different categories. I have started watching videos on YouTube back in 2008-09 and since then I regularly watch videos on it.

After Jio free internet services, everyone wants to become Youtuber and you will find loads of S**T videos on YouTube from different people having millions of views. Today I am going to introduce you 10 best Tech/Gadgets Youtube channels and Youtubers from India [Except Technical Guruji] who gives easy and detailed information on technology.

I am only listing those channels which I already subscribed and love to watch their videos regarding Gadgets review, Unboxing, Tech news and other technical stuffs.

Top 10 Indian Tech YouTube Channels

#1 Sandeep Sharma – Rev Atlas

Host – Sandeep Sharma

Subscribers – 1+ Lakh

Revatlas tech youtube channel

Sandeep Sharma from Rev Atlas is one of the most underrated YouTuber from India. I have started watching his videos late in December 2017 where he published range of videos of Honor View 10 reviews. Rev Atlas has 1+ Lakh subscribers only and still tops our list because this channel has the potential to get maximum views and subscribers. Rev Atlas mainly records videos about Phone reviews, Camera Reviews and Automobiles categories. Sandeep also uploaded range of videos of “How To” categories which helps users to learn about camera photography. The main quality of this channel is that it puts unbiased and honest reviews of smart phones. Sandeep himself puts review video after using smartphone for quite some time. I am following him when his subscribers were only less then 2K.

#2 Technical Guruji

“Chaliye shuru karte he”

Host – Gaurav Chaudhary

Subscribers – 15+ M

Technical guruji tech youtube channel

Technical Guruji is one of the most popular Youtuber from India. Technical Guruji channel is hosted by Gaurav Chaudhary based in Dubai with 15+ Millions subscribers. Technically Gaurav started the trend of tech channels and tech reviews videos on YouTube in India. Gaurav knows how to reach Indian masses and started his Youtube channel in Hindi language which most of the Indians understands very well. Once Technical Guruji Youtube channel gets good response and subscribers than many Youtubers started their own channel with name “Technical + [Their Name]”. Don’t believe me? Check below screenshot.

Gaurav also has his personal YouTube channel where he posts his daily life vlogs. Recently he interviewed Virat Kohli and Kapil Sharma and posted videos on his personal channel. Gaurav claims that he records 2 video daily and that’s quite a motivation for those who wanted to start their own YouTube channel.

Gaurav also started “Tech Talks” series where he gives latest tech news, tech trends and other information in Hindi. Apart from gadgets he also provides good information like Crypto Currency, Effects of Budget on technology, Telecommunications and many other things. You should definitely subscribe his Youtube channel to get latest information about tech. If you think that Gaurav will reply your tweets and messages on social media networks than forget it.

#3 Geeky Ranjit

Host – Ranjit Kumar

Subscribers – 2.8+ M

Geeky ranjit tech youtube channel

No No, here Ranjit is not a villain from late 90’s movies. After Gaurav, Ranjit is also one of the famous Youtube sensations from India. Ranjit is based in Hyderabad and mainly covers gadgets reviews in English language on his YouTube channel. Don’worry, Ranjit has also started his Youtube channel in hindi which is called Geeky Ranjit in Hindi but you will hear little bit Hyderabadi accent in it. Ranjit loved to do Tech collab videos as well and you may have seen him with Technical Guruji and Amit Bhawani in few of their videos. Apart from gadget reviews he loves to make youtube videos on WiFi routers, cameras, chipsets and other tech gadgets. Geeky Ranjit has 2.8 million subscribers on his English channel and around 5+ Lakhs subscribers on Hindi channel. If you are thinking to read his tech blog then forget it because he doesn’t update his blog tech2buzz.com.

Sadly the growth of subscribers on his YouTube channel is very slow compare to other Tech YouTube channels. Still he is one of the best tech youtuber in India due to his knowledge and way of informing about gadgets to it’s viewers is very straight forward. At times Ranjit is hard critic as well when it comes to failed product review.

#4 Amit Bhawani – Phone Radar

Host – Amit Bhawani

Subscribers – 9+ Lakhs

Amit bhawani phone radar tech youtube channel

Amit Bhawani is the famous Gujju boy who lives in Hyderabad and loves to travel. Still didn’t get it? Ok, I will make it easy for you. Have you ever heard about the Phone Radar blog? Yes, Amit Bhawani is the proud owner behind this blog. I am following him since last few years on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also met him during the Gujju Bloggers meet up in Ahmedabad and he was very friendly and discussed various tech updates with me.

Earlier Amit was very active on his blog Phoneradar.com where he frequently writes about gadget news, new Smartphone launch, new OS updates and everything about Smartphone industry. But, now he is more focused towards his YouTube channel where he provides tech information, tech news, smartphone unboxing and other tech related things.

Amit has 9+ Lakhs subscribers on YouTube, but he will surely cross million subscribers soon. Amit is very active on social media and you might get “LIVE” notification at midnight from him as well. I love to do conversations with him whenever he is live either on Facebook or Instagram. The only thing I don’t like about his YouTube channel is that he does unboxing of weird stuffs like Coffee machines and other Xiaomi products.

If you are following Phone Radar YouTube channel then you may have loved his collab video with Unbox Therapy. Don’t wait and subscribe him to get latest tech news in Hindi language. Amit also started his Tech YouTube channel in Gujarati language for Gujju viewers. The best thing about Amit is that he is keen social media user and engages with everyone over it.

#5 Bharat Nagpal – iGyaan

Host – Bharat Nagpal

Subscribers – 1M+

bharat nagpal igyaan tech youtube channel

In July 2017, I came up with one video of “Samsung Galaxy Y S5360” unboxing published by iGyaan 6 years ago. This Indian Youtuber posting Tech and Gadgets videos years ago. Bharat Nagpal was a DJ before starting his YouTube channel and his Instagram alias is still DJ Krimp.

iGyaan is not just YouTube channel posting tech related videos but Bharat also runs successful tech blog iGyaan.com where he posts latest tech news, smart phone updates and other important information instantly. His all videos are shot in high resolution and he explains each and every thing in detail. Bharat & iGyaan is also very famous for Give Away. Yes, you will see the Give Away either on his Youtube channel or blog every week [NO LUCK FOR ME TILL DATE]. iGyaan has 1M subscribers on his Youtube channel and provides information in English Language.

#6 C4ETech

Host – Ashish

Subscribers – 1.7M+

c4etech tech youtube channel

C4ETech YouTube channel is run by Ashish based in Chennai having 1.7M+ subscribers. Ashish is quite popular because of his unbiased and honest reviews of smart phone devices. C4ETech is one of the most followed tech YouTube channel after Technical Guruji and Geeky Ranjit in India. Ashish loves to do technology reviews via his YouTube channel along with tech tutorials, tips & tricks, app reviews and little bit of Give Away. His most videos are in English language and surrounded by Smart Phones so ,he is yet to explore other tech categories.

#7 Beebom

Host – Devinder Maheshwari, Kapil Jindal, Rupesh Sinha, Akshay Gangwar and Pratik Tyagi

Subscribers – 1.8M+

beebom tech youtube channel

Earlier I have read some of articles on Beebom.com but was not familiar with their YouTube channel. In May 2017 I bought Canon 700D DSLR camera and started to learn manual mode photography from YouTube. I landed on one of Beebom’s video regarding “Manual Mode Guide” and explored few other videos as well.

Beebom runs or you can say hosts by 5 different people – Devinder Maheshwari, Kapil Jindal, Rupesh Sinha, Akshay Gangwar and Pratik Tyagi. Beebom mainly produce videos on Tech News, Tech tips & tricks, AR technology, Gadget reviews and other important tricks in simple English Language. Besides this, Beebom is very famous to leak new Smartphone photos and news on their blog. Believe me they are bunch of incredible genius and I love to meet them personally in future. Beebom has 1.8M+ Subscribers on YouTube and soon will reach 2 Million numbers.

#8 91 Mobiles

Host – Keshav Khera

Subscribers – 1M+

91mobiles tech youtube channel

91 Mobiles is mobile ecommerce site and also runs their own YouTube channel as well. In December 2017 month I was planning to buy Honor View 10 and checking few reviews videos on YouTube. I landed up Keshav Khera’s video on 91 Mobiles YouTube channel where he explained View 10’s review in details. 91 Mobiles publish videos both in Hindi & English language and explains Smart Phone reviews in easy language. 91 Mobiles have 1M+ subscribers on YouTube channel and growing fast.

#9 Mr. Phone

Host – Sree Hari, Ershad

Subscribers – 2.4L+

mr phone tech youtube channel

Mr. Phone is also one of the underrated tech Youtube channel from India. Mr. Phone YouTube channel is run by SreeHari & Ershad and focuses mainly on Smartphones, Gadgets and Apps category for their videos. Apart from YouTube channel Mr. Phone runs Smartphone news and specifications website and Mobile app as well with 5+ Lakhs downloads. Mr. Phone YouTube channel has over 2 Lakh subscribers and they provides quality & honest reviews about gadgets and mobile apps.

I have personally engaged Mr. Phone team quite a few time over Facebook group, Twitter and messenger and got very good response of my queries.

#10 Inspire2Rise

Host – Aditya Nath Jha

Subscribers – 56K

inspire to rise tech youtube channel

Inspire2Rise YouTube channel is run by Delhi based entrepreneur Aditya Nath Jha. When Reliance launched their Jio services in India that time Aditya explained how Jio network will work in India in an extremely easy way and that was the first video I watched on YouTube. Inspire2Rise has over 64K subscribers and mainly record video in English language. Aditya also runs Inspire2Hindi YouTube channel where he records his videos in Hindi language to target other audience. Inspire2Rise YouTube channel mainly focus on Gadgets, Tech News, Smart Phones, Apps/Software/Plugin related videos.

P.S I didn’t buy the smartphone because it’s out of my budget [WINKED]

Honorable Mentions

As I mentioned that I have only listed YouTube channels which I watch regularly. Apart from above channels there are few more YouTubers who making their presence strongly like Gadgets to Use by Abhishek Bhatnagar, Sharmaji Technical, Technical Sagar and few more.

Point Gadget is technology blog which provides all the information regarding new gadgets, smart phones, tech news, software, newly launched products and many more things.

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