11 Best Facebook Games to Play in 2020 – How to Play Facebook Messenger Games [Guide]

As you all know that Facebook is #1 social media app in the world and growing rapidly day by day. With Facebook app you can connect with your friends, family, colleagues and relatives you know easily. On Facebook platform users can easily share photos and videos with their loved ones and can get likes and comments on it as well.

Facebook is one of the best platforms to connect with strangers as well. Many relationships also started from Facebook itself and turned into marriage. On Facebook platform you can also send messages to other friends using Facebook Messenger app. Yes, it’s one of the best messenger apps to connect with others.

Apart from that Facebook also allows you to play games on their platform. Yes, Facebook is also considered as one of the best platform to play games online. On Facebook you can play games alone as well as with your friends. Yes, multiplayer games are also available on Facebook. Facebook has thousands of games in different categories which you can play along with your online friends.

Facebook Messenger Games Shut down?

Earlier you can play games directly in Messenger itself. Yes, suppose you want to play Facebook messenger basketball game on messenger then you can play it by sending the basketball emoji to someone. Yes, it was that easy to play FB messenger games.