19 Best Offline Android Games to Play in 2022 without Internet or WiFi

Games are the important part of our day to day life because there is hardly any single day when we don’t play games. We often loves to play games with family members at home, Kids with outdoor or with friends at school or college. During childhood we spends most of the time in outdoor games with friends like Soccer, Cricket, Badminton and such games which requires physical activities.

Games also evolve with the age. Video games were first introduced during the 70’s but it takes time to become popular amongst the mainstream population. Not everyone is capable of buying video games during those days but till 90’s most of the people were able to buy the video games to play on their TV sets. Outdoor games were almost stopped playing by kids once the video games became popular. There were many video games stores also available with giant machines so, kids were roaming in those stores on daily period.

Video games don’t require any internet so, it was quite cheaper for the family or kids to play at home but it’s quite costly if you play in video game stores due to costly video games machines.  In 1997 Nokia launched Snake game to their mobile device and people went crazy after it. Snake was one of the most popular games as it was available over 350 million devices worldwide. The first known mobile game was tetris on Hagenuk MT-2000 devices from 1994.

Currently games are easily available on Android Play Store and iOS app store as millions of games are available for its users. Gamers can also play some interesting and addicted games on Facebook Games app as well which loads quickly and very interactive games.

Currently some of the most popular mobile games are PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool, Subway Surfer and many more. Most of the online games like PUBG and Fortnite requires smartphone with high configuration along with internet so, make sure you have good internet connection because this game will lag if your connection is not good.

Most of the games can be played without internet or wifi as well but some games do require good smartphone. No, I am not talking about the dinosaur game on Chrome browser when internet was not available.

If you don’t have good internet connection then don’t worry here we have compiled 40 best offline android games which can be played without internet or wifi connection. We have filtered these games based on low mb in size, impressive graphics and make sure it’s free on play store and app store (Well some are paid due to in-app purchases). We have categorized best offline android games and here are the lists of categories

  • Top Rated Android Offline Racing Games
  • Action Games to Play without Internet
  • Adventure Offline Games
  • Role-Playing Games (RPG) Offline Android Games
  • Multiplayer Offline Android Games
  • Arcade Android Offline Games
  • Puzzle/Strategy Android Games
  • Free Sports Android Games
  • Offline Shooting Android Games

Best Offline Android Games without Internet

Offline Game NameGame Type
Cover FireAction
Ninja Dash RunArcade
Hill Climb RacingRacing
Real Car Race Game 3DRacing
Archers Kingdom TDAction
Quiz – Offline GamesTrivia / Puzzle
Word GameTrivia
2 Pictures 1 WordTrivia
Memory GamesPuzzle
Black Ops SWATAction
Farm Day Village FarmingAdventure
Into the DeadAction
Pool 2022 FreeSports
Darts KingSports
Dr. Parking 4Racing
Subway SurfersArcade
Alto’s OdysseyAction
Pocket CitySimulation
Shadow FighterAction

Best Offline Android Games to Play without Wifi in 2022

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Cover Fire is one of the best offline shooting games to play on Android devices. In Cover Fire game your main duty is to lead the battle and try to become best shooter and sniper to win the game. Just download this game from the play store and play without any internet connection or wifi. In this game you will get many types of ammo to destroy the enemy and make sure you save all the victims. Cover Fire has amazing HD graphics which makes you love this game for sure.

So, download this game and experience best offline shooting game on your android device. Cover fire game has over 4.5 starts review and 50M+ installs so, you can imagine how popular this game is. This game has in-app purchases and the size of the game is 46 MB.

Ninja Dash Run – Epic Arcade Offline Games

Ninja Dash Run is one of the best arcade offline games to play on Android without internet in 2022. What makes this game better for Android users? Well, there is many things which makes this game as one of the best android offline game. Ninja Dash Run has epic anime graphics and one of the simplest games available online. In this game user just need to tap and swipe to eliminate demons enemies and make sure you run and jump for your life in this game. In this game user can also perform powerful dash combos, collect coins and gems to upgrade their ninja ronin.

In these game users can also upgrade ninja warrior characters to make levels more easier. There are epic adventure levels available in the game so show your good skills. Ninja Dash Run has 4.4 star ratings and over 1M+ installs. Size of Ninja Dash Runs is 64 MB with power packed graphics.

Hill Climb Racing – Best Offline Racing Android Game

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most addictive racing games available on Android Play Store. Hill Climb Racing game seems to be very easy based on it’s graphics and controls but believe me it could be one of the toughest game for you. Newton Bill is the main character in this game who is an aspiring uphill racer and loved to drive on difficult paths with adventure. This game is challenging game with many hill climbing environment and different cars available to drive. In this game users can unlock 29+ vehicles, 28+ stages and also can build his dream car with custom parts.

Hill Climb Racing is absolutely free game but it does have some in-app purchases available for the audience. Size of this game is 76 MB so, install now and enjoy this wonderful racing game.

Real Car Race Game 3D: Fun New Car Games 2022

If you want to experience the real graphics in a racing game then you must play Real Car Race Game that too with 3D Graphics. If you are fan of car racing games like Asphalt 9 then you should definitely try this amazing game on your android device. This game has sharp and stunning 3D Graphics along with high performance cars. Real Car Race game has easy controls which makes this game more easy for it’s users. Racing game tracks and environment is quite energetic which makes this game more interactive.

This game has plenty of game environments including desert highways, snow environments and experience jungle tracks as well. Size of this game is only 32 MB and ratings are quite impressive as well.

Archers Kingdom TD

Archers Kingdom TD is one of the best strategy and defense android offline games available for users. In this game you have to save your kingdom by building towers. There will be various enemies, monsters and hordes in this evil game and you have to defense your kingdom and realm from them. There will be pretty difficult and challenging levels in this game. Prepare your bow and arrow along with good war strategy and eliminate your enemies to save your kingdom.

Archers Kingdom will surely test your archery skills as this game has some amazing sound and graphics for it’s users. There is only one con of this game as this game is around 80 MB in the size but there is 1M+ installs so, users will love it.

Quiz – Offline Games

Quiz is one of the best mind games as it will test your knowledge skills and sharpness. There is plenty of quiz competition happens around the world in which users can win the big amount as well by giving the right answers to the tough questions. Quiz has many different types so, it’s not just about question and 4 answers as options any more. There is audio quiz, picture quiz, puzzle quiz, who am I quiz and many more.

In this offline Quiz game you will get questions for different categories including science, history, capitals, logos, sports, cars and more. Quiz is also multiplayer offline game which you can play with your friend on your phone only.

Size of this Quiz game is only 34 MB and has over 1M+ installs so, install now in your android smart phone and test your knowledge skills

Word Game

If you want to improve your vocabulary skills then you should play Word game regularly (Either on app or with friends). Word game or Crosswords game definitely increases your vocabulary skills and helps you in competitive exams as well. In this word game you will get random letters at the bottom and you need to guess certain words by swiping and connecting letters in right order which should make that word.

Word Game Offline Android game is available in 4 different languages including Spanish, English, German and French. This word game automatically saves your data so, you won’t lose your current game. Word Game is installed over 500K+ times and is only 32 MB in size.

2 Pictures 1 Word

2 Pictures 1 Word is one kind of quiz game which became instant hit when it launched online as an Android app. Just like Words game 2 Pictures 1 Word will also test your vocabulary skills at some extent. In this game you will get to see 2 different images with different objects. User had to identify or guess the hidden word from 2 images. So, make sure you visualize both images very carefully and guess the hidden word.

In this game you don’t need to register as it’s offline game. There will be certain hints as well so, you can guess the word much faster. 2 Pictures 1 Word game installed over 1M+ times and is 46 MB in size.

Memory Games – Picture Match Game – Best Offline Android Game for Kids

If you want to sharpen your or your kids mind then you should definitely play this android game. Memory games considered as best puzzle game which tests your memory skills. This memory puzzle game is perfect game for kids and adults as it will exercise your brains on regular period which improves memory as well. In this game there will be cute images of animals and certain objects which are easy to remember for kids.

There will be 4 different stages in this game including easy, normal, hard and very hard. In Memory game you will get to see certain photos first or can say get the glimpse of photos. After some times the photos will be hidden and you have to pair 2 similar photos by clicking on it. Size of the game is only 18 MB and it has good number of stages as well.

Black Ops SWAT – Offline Games Action Adventure

Black Ops Swat is one of the best offline action & adventure games available on Android play store. Black Ops action game has many arenas and considered as a fast action 3d shooter game. If you want to experience best FPS action game on Android then install Black Ops Swat game now. In this game all you need to eliminate your enemies to survive yourself. There will be many tactical missions available in this game which you love for sure. It won’t be boring action game for you as each mission will have a brief story line. If you don’t have high configuration Smartphone then don’t worry this game will provide good graphics on low performing devices as well.

Install this game now and experience best action game on your android device. This game has wonderful sound along with stunning graphics and highly optimized controls. Black Ops Swat has over 1M+ Installs and is only 42 MB in size.

Farm Day Village Farming: Offline Games

Farm Day Village Farming is free offline farming game for kids and adults to spend their time. In this farming game you will get your own lush green farm along with animals. In this farming game you need to manage your farm by harvesting crops, selling goods to market and to build your lands. In this farming game you will get to harvest crops like corn, wheat, cotton, canola and hay.

This offline farming game will provide you amazing graphic and background music. So, explore the farming and keep completing levels to expand farming empire.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is one of the best survival offline android games available on play store. If you love Zombies games then this game is for you because in this game you will be thrown into the world of Zombie apocalypse and you have to survive from the zombies. In this game you have to be alive by running and keep moving as fast and as far you can. You need to protect yourself from the zombies and it will surely test your survival skills. If you have watched walking dead web series then it might help you in this game.

This game has stunning and incredible visuals and sound which make this game more intense for players. This game has several missions which provide constant challenges and each challenge is tough. You can also get the powerful weapons by unlocking the arsenal.

Pool 2020 Free

Who doesn’t like 8 ball pool game to play on Facebook Games platform, on Android app and even on iPhone app. 8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular pool games available online. In general 8 ball pool game is online game required internet to connect with strangers and friends to challenge them in a game because there will be one challenge so, it will be intense game for sure. But, what if we provide you offline 8 ball pool game where you can play this game for free. There will be several challenges in this game and you can pick any one challenge to start game with.

Darts King

Darts game can be considered as best time pass game to play at home of office during free time. Some of the online darts games doesn’t provide any offline support as in online darts game you had to participate in online tournaments or challenge your friends and strangers. This darts king game is best offline darts game which provides offline support as well. In this game you can play multiplayer game but you need internet connection for it.

In darts game all you had to throw dart to dartboard by using your fingers. You will get the good scores if you put your dart on right place.

Dr. Parking 4

Dr. Parking 4 offline android game is all about strategy, mind and observation game. In Dr. Parking 4 game you have to prove your parking skills and believe me this game is very tough. Initially you will find this game easy because of some easy stages but as the game progress you will get tough stages. For most of the users driving a car might be easy but parking not so, test your parking skills in this game.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers probably the first ever game you played on your android device. Subway Surfers was one of the most addictive games invented ever with some amazing graphics and simple control. Subway Surfers is never ending game for any user as you keep playing this game until you broke your previous record.

In Subway Surfers game you need to do only 2 things to achieve high score. Just run as fast as you can and dodge the ongoing trains. In this game you need to help jake to escape from grumpy inspector and his dog by running away from him. While escaping from the police inspector you will get certain powers along with the coins.

Alto’s Odyssey

If you bored of playing similar android game again and again then you should definitely try one of the best offline android games available on Android Play store. Alto’s Odyssey got the Apple design award in 2018 and many tech and game blog appreciated this game as well.

Alto’s Odyssey would be one of the easiest and toughest game altogether. Alto’s Odyssey is side scrolling infinite running android game where Alto (Character Name) keep moving and in between he faces vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls and solves desert’s many mysteries as well. There are only 2 things you need to do while playing this game – Jump in the air or flips in the mid-air. Most important factor of this Android game is it’s graphics which will mesmerize you from start to finish.

Pocket City

If you want to play one simple time-pass game then pocket city is for you. Pocket city is basically a city building game with some cool graphics and animation. In pocket city offline android game you need to build everything including roads, buildings and other stuffs which one city requires. In this game player had to deal with some good things and bad things like parties and a massive fire somewhere.

If you have played Farmville ever then you may like this game as well. In this game you need to maintain the balance to make good amount of money. Player needs to play this game wisely to unlock more land and buildings. Pocket city game has both free and premium version. In free version player will get the base game along with advertising and in premium version player will get some extra features and sandbox mode as well. If you get irritated by frequent ads then you can definitely try premium version of this game. Don’t worry Pocket city offline city builder android game doesn’t have any in-app purchases and you can enjoy it without internet or wifi connection.

Shadow Fighter

If you love to enjoy the graphics and sound while playing any action game then must play Shadow fighter offline android game. Shadow Fighter is one of the best action and fighting android game for gamers. This game is also one of the best offline Roll Playing Game (RPG). In Shadow Fighter game there are different series of Zombie battle and Monster battle.

Each level of this game is pretty intense in which you will get the role of hero and you had to eliminate or fight with dark forces including zombies and monsters. Gamers will get the skill upgrades after each level. In Shadow Fighter android game you will get different kind of weapons and equipment to eliminate enemies. Gamers can also choose the hero amongst 5 different choices. Gamer will face the most powerful monster boss after every 5level. Controllers are quite easy and simple to use in this game. There are three different modes are available in this game including normal, hard and extremely hard.

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