How to Export & Import FileZilla Site Manager Settings Backup


FTP Client FileZilla is used to manage different sites altogether on one platform. FileZilla is absolutely free solution for both client and server. Users can easily add, upload, and edit files from server directly using the FileZilla. Apart from FileZilla client user can make changes to their sites using the File Manager option directly from CPanel. FileZilla client can support FTP, FTP over TLS (FTPS) and SFTP. FileZilla is open source software so; any user can use it without any cost.

In FileZilla there is site manager option from where user can connect with the server to access the sites. Site Manager can load hundreds of sites at one place so, user can easily access any site from one click only. Site Manager is very important in FileZilla so, make sure you manage it properly.

Many times users upgrade their PC or buy a new Laptop and installs fresh FileZilla. Few users tries to do site manager settings from scratch having no idea if they can take backup from existing PC. Yes, users can export, copy or take back up of their existing filezilla site manager settings and later can import in new filezilla as well. Here are extremely easy steps to do it.

How to Export FileZilla Site Manager Settings

Step 1 – Open FileZilla and Select “Export” Option under File Menu

Step 2 – In this step you need to select the “Export Settings” categories which means what kind of setting you want to export including current transfer queue if exists

Step 3 – Click on “OK” Button and it will save the exported file in XML format. Just choose your destination or location to save the file and click on “Save” button.

How to Import FileZilla Site Manager Settings

Step 1 – Open FileZilla and Select “Import” Option under File Menu

Step 2 – Select the FileZilla.XML file and import the file

Step 3 – All set to use the existing FileZilla site manager settings

If you have any other queries about FileZilla settings do let us know in comments so, we can provide the best solution.

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