1000+ Best Instagram Caption ideas – Instagram Captions for Friends, Couple, Boys, Girls and Family

As we all know that Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing app in the world. Instagram has over 1B+ active users and growing rapidly. Each day millions of users posting their selfies, photos, videos and other stuffs on Instagram app. On Instagram platform unique Instagram caption gets the best engagement in terms of likes and comments. If you use proper caption along with hashtags then you may get good number of followers, likes and even comments.

Users from different niche regularly posts on Instagram which includes users from travel blogger, fashion blogger, Cooking experts, vloggers, natural photographers and many more different niche. Instagram is growing so rapidly that many users signed up for this app on daily bases. Earlier Instagram only allowed to post photos and videos but in recent time it also allowed users to post stories which stays in users feed for 24 hours. After revealing this feature Instagram user base increased as the story feature was inspired from another popular app called Snapchat. Many snapchat app users also migrated to Instagram app.

Not only millennial are using this app but the elder people are also addicted to Instagram app. In today’s generation people specially clicks photos, videos and selfies just to put on Instagram app. Well, clicking and later filtering photo is easy for user but putting caption in the photo is tough task for them. Captions are not only used in photo or video posts but it should be there in Instagram bio as well.

Most of the users copies the Instagram caption either from other friends or relatives or just put anything random in it. If you want your profile unique then you should put some interesting words in caption like good quotes or some good sayings. Here we represent some of the best Instagram caption ideas for bio, friends, selfies, photos, videos, and many other kind of posts.    

Best Instagram Captions