9 Best Grammarly Alternatives to Use in 2021 – Top Free & Paid Grammar Checker Tools

Have you ever tried to search best grammarly alternative? Yes, there is plenty and today we will discuss most popular free and paid Grammarly alternative tools.

If your profession is into writing field then you must know that how much important grammar is in today’s world. Typewriter is old gadget now and hardly anyone uses except in courts and they too slowly converted into Laptops / Computers. Content Writers, Lawyers, Novelists, Columnist, Speechwriter, Journalist or video game writer are all comes under writing profession and they know the importance of spellings and grammar while they write. If you are fluent in English writing and done all school and college in English then it will be fine for you but if you are non-native English person then identifying grammar faults is quite tough.

In writing field most writers are dependent on MS Office but it’s mainly used for correcting spelling mistakes or errors. If any writer wants to improve their writing skills including grammar skills then they should read daily news papers and books, this way they can definitely improve their craft on writing. Content Marketing Strategist, Journalists are the one who writes on daily period so, they need to focus more on grammar mistakes/errors.

While wring any content on MS Office and there is any grammatical error in it then it will show you green line but not on exact word where grammar is wrong but it will show you on complete sentence. So, this way you won’t able to find out where is the actual grammar mistake.

Grammarly is one of the finest and advanced grammar checker tools available online which helps you to identify grammar and spelling mistakes while you writer. Grammarly is not just only grammar checker tool but it also has bunch of advanced features.   

With the help of Grammarly you just can’t only review and identify Grammar mistakes in your Google Docs but can also review on various platforms. Using Grammarly tool writers can review grammar mistakes in Emails and Messages on tools like Gmail, Outlook, Messenger and Yahoo. If you are using any project management tool and want to give good impression to your project manager then you can use Grammarly in project management tools like Slack, Asana, JIRA and even Salesforce.

Now, let’s imagine you are not into writing profession or even working on any projects but use social media account daily and find difficult to write proper grammatical sentence then you can use Grammarly for social media sites including Medium, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

Grammarly also has the Plagiarism Checker tool which means you can review if other blogger or writer is copying your work or not. Grammarly has 3 different plans including Free, Premium and Business and each plan has it’s own benefit so, choose wisely.

So, there isn’t any specific reason to search for best Grammarly alternative because Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool available there but yet many people are searching for alternatives. So, here we have filtered best Grammarly alternatives along with plans and features so, you can choose accordingly.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

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