How to Download Videos from Facebook on Computer/Laptop/Desktop without Software


Did you like any video on Facebook and unable to download it? Well, here I am providing you step by step guide to download any video from Facebook on Desktop/Laptop or Computer without using any software. This step by step guide images taken from Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to Download Video From Facebook on Desktop without Software

Step 1 – Open any Video on Desktop

Step 2 – Click on Date & Time link of the Video


Step 3 – Go to the Desktop Video URL


Step 4 – Now Replace “https://www” to “https://m” in Video URL and hit enter


Step 5 – Right click on Video so video will open in another tab of your browser


Step 6 – Left click on Video and click on “Save Video As” option to save the video


Important Note – Video quality is surely degrading after downloading videos from Facebook on Computer.

Video of How to Download Facebook Videos on Desktop without using any Software

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