Vivo will be the First Company to Launch Smartphone with In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor


Smartphone industry often comes with new technology improvements. Finger print sensor, Face ID sensor, Iris scanner and what not, all technology were introduced in recent years by most of the companies. Just few days back Synaptics revealed that they have successfully developed in-display or in-screen fingerprint sensor and currently working with top 5 smartphone manufacturer companies to avail this technology into their smartphones soon.

Still, Synaptics didn’t reveal the smartphone companies and who is going to launch first ever in-screen fingerprint sensor smartphone. Patrick Moorhead is independent tech industry analyst and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy tweeted yesterday that he tested Vivo smartphone with Synaptics in-screen fingerprint sensor technology. He later also added that in-screen fingerprint sensor is faster than expected and very accurate.

This newly implemented feature is developed by Synaptics team which uses a CMOS sensor and it’s around 0.7 mm thick and able to read fingerprint sensor from under the screen/display of smartphone. According to Synaptics this in-screen fingerprint sensor is 2 times faster than Apple’s FaceID software and that’s amazing. In Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5T device fingerprint sensor is quite fast and accurate, so it’s challenge for team to make it more quick and accurate because it’s under the display.

Earlier this year Vivo released one prototype with in-display fingerprint sensor developing with Qualcomm but somehow project failed. Now, Vivo is finally ready to launch first ever in-screen fingerprint sensor smartphone with fully functional prototype. Hope, we will see this smartphone early in 2018.

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