Black Market of Smart Phones in India at Surge During Flash Sale – Detailed Report


Today, Xiaomi started flash sale of  Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro in India which is the successor of best selling device of 2017 Redmi Note 4. Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro is one of the premium smart phones for mid range category for lots of reasons. Both the smart phones have affordable prices and fantastic specifications for middle class people who can afford it especially in India. In both variant smart phones Xiaomi focused mainly on Camera, Speed and Performance which was lacking point in earlier smart phones.

On 13th February Xiaomi launched both the devices in India with much hype and expectations. Specifications for both the smart phones were leaked earlier on various platforms by different bloggers or youtubers and some of them were true and some not. For your brief idea here, is the brief of Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro.


As I said earlier that today was the flash sale of both the devices on Flipkart. Redmi Note 5 pro with 6 GB and 64 GB variant was not available during sale and we still don’t know the reason yet. Redmi India announced on Twitter that over 2 Million users set notifications to get this phone from Flipkart.

I was very excited to buy this phone but, the destiny was different for me. I was all set to buy this phone and available on in front of my laptop screen from 11:45 AM and as soon as clock said 12, I immediately added phone to my cart (4 GB 64 GB variant Redmi Note 5 Pro) and believe me within half second the phone was out of stock. That was really quick or you can say that phone is gone faster than Dhoni’s stumping in cricket. Redmi India announced that over 3 Lakh+ units were sold within 3 minutes of flash sale and it’s one of the biggest sale ever in the history of India.

I was damn sad and shared this information on Devicebar Facebook group. After half an hour I found that many users faced the same issue and very less people were able to get this phone. I disappointed highly and cursed myself for not being too quick to get this smart phone.

outofstock-note-5-phoneAfter reading few Facebook Posts and Twitter post I realized that there is some issue with this. I digged the more posts and found that lots of users buy 3 to 4 phones for themselves. First I thought they may have bought those phones for their family or friends, but later I realized that they are selling this phone to retailers for few rupees.

I digged more data and found that there is a whole new black market of smart phones in India where users are getting paid to buy phone from Flash sale and later sell it at higher prices to OLX or Quickr sites. Yes, you can say that they are hijacking the sales and true buyers miss the opportunity to buy their favorite smart phone during Flash sale.

Here is more proof of how retailers are selling newly launched smart phone at high price.

Later one message on WhatsApp also surfaced which shows that whoever buys smartphone on behalf of them from Flipkart will get the money. Here is the proof.


Earlier this year Honor also launched Honor 9 Lite device on Flipkart and within seconds the sale was over. This shows that black market of newly launched smart phones is increasing in India and people are buying smart phones more prices than the original price. In 2017 many smart phones are pending to launch in India and this black market will rise every time to buy phones in bulk and later sells them at high price.

We are saying this practice as black market because many users are selling this smart phones at high price. All the information of this article is taken from online sources and waiting for right proof of availability of black market from other users. Do share your views or comment on this.

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