Magic Leap One Revealed – Get Ready for Creator Edition AR Goggles/Headset Ships in 2018


Magic Leap was considered as a secretive start up for a long time because no one knows what will be their first product and how it will look like. Finally, Magic Leap revealed their first ever product today called Magic Leap One. Magic Leap One will be the different kind of Augmented Reality headset which described as a Creator Edition.


Magic Leap One consists one over sized goggles, puck-shaped external computed named Lightpack and one controller. Magic Leap One can accept and have multiple input modes like voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking. In this device if you put object at one location then it won’t move from that place. For e.g Place one virtual TV on wall at your workplace or home and when you come back it will be right there. Isn’t it cool? Magic Leap One is supposed to ship in next year 2018.


Magic Leap invited Rolling Stone to try out their headset demos and it includes some of demos like virtual character who can react on eye contact, a floating virtual comic book, and finally a virtual performance using volumetric camera capture. Magic Leap One is big size headset and rumours suggest that they faced difficulties to shrink it’s technology to keep their performance good. RollingStone also suggest that there were no stuttering or slowdowns while testing the demos.


Magic Leap will offer 2 sizes of goggles according to RollingStone with option of custom forehead, nose and temple pads. Magic Leap One will give you amazing experience to connect real world with virtual world. We still don’t know the price of Magic Leap One headset or goggles but it may ship in next year 2018. Company made promises earlier as well but failed to revealed their products but this time SDK is supposed to ship in 2018 as well. Rolling Stone wrote lengthy article which describes complete experience of demos and gadgets. Users might find Magic Leap One design bit odd but as per article it will give you unique experience of Augmented and Virtual Reality world.

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