5 Best Sap Sidi Games for Kids Online – Download Top Snake & Ladder Android Apps to Play in 2021

Sap Sidi board game is age old games and it is one of the most popular game amongst the kids. Sap Sidi game is extremely easy game and anyone can play it to pass the time. Sap Sidi game can be play by 2 people and earlier it was used to play on board. Today is technological era so kids, young people and even elders are playing this game either online or on Android or iphone apps. Sap Sidi game is also known as Snake and Ladder game.

How to Play Sap Sidi Game?

Sap Sidi board game can be played by 2 players. In Sap Sidi game there is Snake (Sap) and Ladder (Sidi) pictured randomly on board along with 1 to 100 numbers. 2 Players need to play this game with dies. Both players will start from 1 in the board and whoever reach first on 100 digit will win the game. While playing with dies if the object stops at ladder then player can jump from that ladder to different number.

On other hand if the player stops at the start of snake then they needs to go down where snake’s bottom body part stops. If you think this is an easy game play then don’t be over confident about it. Just play this wonderful fun loving game and enjoy it.

Sap Sidi Games Name in Different languages

In English language this game is called Snake and Ladder or Chutes and Ladders. In Gujarati language this game is called Sap Sidi. In Hindi language this game is called Saanp Seedi, Saanp aur Seedhi or Mokshapat. In Telugu language this game is called Vaikunthapali or Paramapada Sopana Patam
In Jain people this game is called Gyan Chauper or Jnan Chauper.

Kids or children’s buys this game from any store during their summer vacation but in today’s era they just search this Sap Sidi game online and play along with siblings, cousins or even with parents. If you are still confused about which online sap sidi game is best for you then don’t worry here we have compiled the list of b