5 Best Android Games with Gamepad Controller Support to Play in 2021

Android games never fail to surprise gamers as it evolves every update. Earlier we used to play some basic games on Android devices with 2G internet speed and low graphics but in today’s time there are plenty of high quality smartphone device available in the market having wonderful screen size, resolution and controls.

It would be pretty tough to pick the best android gaming devices as each and every gamer has their own comfort modes. Some gamers likes to play games on 5.5” devices while other gamers likes to play on big size android smartphones.

Android Play Store has hundreds of high quality games having millions of downloads which means each and every day demand of gamers increasing. Some gamers even don’t prefer to play Android games on smartphones rather they download emulator on their system and plays on either laptop or computer. If you are doing live streaming of any game then we recommend that you should play on PC.

There are quite a few disadvantages of playing on Android smartphone. For example if you are playing any battle royal games on your android device then there will be many controllers on the screen only thus you won’t be able to see the complete view of the smartphone. If you are playing online multiplayer game which requires internet and you don’t have gaming mode in your smartphone then notifications will destroy your mood and interaction with the game as well.

As mentioned earlier that Android games are evolving with time thus they do research about users interest time to time. Many users don’t prefer to play either on computer or smartphone (On-screen touch play) but go with the controller. Yes, now there are plenty of games available on Android play store which supports gamepad controller.

A gamepad controller is one device which helps gamers to control the game with both hands and movement of fingers just like the controllers on smartphones. Now many Android devices supports the gamepad controller including some Android games as well. Many battle royale games should be played with the gamepad controller as it makes the game little easy to play.

We have filtered most of the games which allows the gamepad controller support and decided to list down the best Android games with controller support. Before this list you must buy best gamepad controller for your android device which you need to connect with your phone.

Best Android Games with Gamepad Controller Support

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the best battle royale games played by millions of users worldwide. Call of Duty description on Play Store already mentioned that it has console level quality and experience along with the HD graphics so, this game is the perfect to play with gamepad controller.

Call of Duty doesn’t have gamepad controller support till November 2019 but now it supports Bluetooth enabled gamepads including Xbox and PS4 as well.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best android action and FPS games available on Play Store. If any gamer want to experience the high quality HD graphics then they should definitely install modern Combat 5 game on their Android devices.

This game will test your combat skills as it has the high-powered guns and one of the most intense online multiplayer action games. Every gamer should try to play this game with gamepad controller.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is one of the best street fighting game on Android play store. During childhood we used to play street fighting game on game zone. In this android game controller will work fully in multiplayer and single-player game. This game is pretty intense fighting game where players will get some unique attacks and can unleash super moves by tapping on the SP button.

Rules of Survival

If you like to play battle royale games like PUBG or Fortnite then you will love to play Rules of Survival game. This is last man standing game where you need to eliminate other players before you gets killed by other players. In PUBG game total 100 players will dive on one Island to fight where as in Rules of Survival game there is 300 players in single game. Apart from this the island will be 8×8 KM map and has wide variety of terrains.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

Dungeon Hunter is also one of the top game to play in Android with gamepad controller. Dungeon Hunter game is developed by Gameloft studios and has millions of active users worldwide. Dungeon Hunter game has pretty much good graphics and also has multiplayer mode so, you can also invite your friends to fight side by side against enemies. In Dungeon Hunter game there is more than 90 missions including some epic levels.

We will keep adding more and more Android games with controller support to play in 2021. There are thousands of different games available on Android play store which will make you fall in love with gamepad controller.

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