Instagram Launched Professional Dashboard for Businesses and Creators

Instagram is working aggressively to make their app more appealing in various ways. Recently Facebook owned platform Instagram launched new professional dashboard for businesses and creators on their app.

It means Instagram is working on to bring all business centric tools in same space. This step will help the business owners, creators and other individuals who looking to monetize their social media activity.

This new professional dashboard in Instagram app will have shortcuts for branded content partnerships, ad-tracking features, account analytics, and tutorials which will help business owners and creators to manage their accounts more easily.

This move by Instagram will help many business owners and individuals to see all app’s business features at one space and it seems like many creators will love this move by the Instagram.

On this professional dashboard restaurant or shop owner can easily track their ads or set up shopping features easily.

Instagram has 1 billion active users on the platforms which include influencers, creators, business owners and other individuals.  Instagram has many popular users, creators and celebrities who can woo their followers thus Instagram had to do something more useful for them. Yes, Instagram is doing this so, the platform can provide easy monetization ways for the creators.

Competitors of Instagram are already helping users to make money. Last summer TikTok made announcement to fund $200 Million to it’s popular users who makes their profile more engaging and creates good content. Recently SnapChat also began to pay users for popular videos via new spotlight feature.

Instagram is working aggressively to make app into ecommerce hub thus they are adding shopping features and now this monetization strategy for creators.

Let’s wait and see how business owners and creators welcomes this move and how it will help them to monetize their social media activities.

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