YouTube Hits 10 Billion Downloads Milestone on Google Play Store – Most Downloaded App in the World

Recently Google’s Video Streaming platform and most popular app YouTube hits 10 billion download mark on Google Playstore. This is terrific achievement by YouTube as it became the most downloaded app in the world.

As per the data YouTube’s downloads number now crossed the world’s population as well which is just around 8 Billion people. YouTube achieved this downloads on just Play Store as we haven’t considered App Store at all.

If the total number of downloads on Playstore surpasses the total population number that doesn’t mean YouTube is being used by aliens. It’s quite easy to explain the statistics of how YouTube has 10 Billion downloads. It happens when someone buys new smartphone and throws away the old smartphones, Some people uses multiple smartphone at the same time, Many people has separate work and personal phones, Few people has android tablets at home for their kids or for some professional work. There are many more reasons about why it surpasses the total population number.

Currently over 3 Billion active Android devices are in the world and most of the smartphones has YouTube app by default except China.

After YouTube app, Facebook has the most number of downloads from playstore which just surpassed 7 Billion downloads. Following YouTube and Facebook Whatsapp has 6 Billion downloads and Facebook Messenger has 5 Billion downloads. Surprisingly Instagram has only 3 Billion downloads on PlayStore.

As per reports YouTube is now most downloaded and used app globally in past decade. Recently due to Corona pandemic interaction and watching time on YouTube increased. Apart from that Global internet speed also has been increased. Not just that but in Corona pandemic thousands of users became creators on YouTube which added new content on the platform and viewers from all over the world loved it.

On Google Playstore we can easily check the total number of downloads where as Apple doesn’t share the download numbers. To make it more interactive YouTube added several new features recently on their mobile app. YouTube also included Shorts which is a rival for Tiktok short video platform. After the TikTok banned in Indian shorts gained some good popularity. Some reports and rumour suggested that ByteDance which is a parent company of TikTok trying to bring the app back in the country as TickTock.

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