WhatsApp Launched “Search the Web” Feature to Identify Fake News or Messages


WhatsApp is working pretty hard to curb the fake news on their messaging application since last few months. Everyone in the world are aware about how fake news spread like a wild fire and specially on WhatsApp and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In today’s digital world stopping fake news is pretty hard task for these big companies and even for government.

In recent years we have witnessed many fake news which spreads instantly over social media and made some disaster as well. Many prestigious media house later started new segment and website under their media banner just to fact check the news. Sites like AltNews and SMHoaxslayer are also doing quite good job by doing fact checking the fake news in detail.

Facebook also working really hard to curb the fake news and now it’s algorithm identifies the fake news itself and shows the “False Information” message in shared photo. But WhatsApp has pretty big user base and it’s quite hard to stop the fake news over there.

Before 4 or 5 months WhatsApp did take some good steps to spread fake news on their platform. Just after Covid-19 Pandemic situation WhatsApp limits the viral message forwarding on their app to stop Covid-19 Corona misinformation.

Now WhatsApp launched one more feature named “Search the Web”. This feature is very much important for WhatsApp users to easily fact check the news or links they receive on WhatsApp.

Once any user received the link from other user then they will see the tiny magnifying glass just besides the news and by clicking on it user can directly search the whether this information is right or not on browser. Yes, clicking on magnifying glass will redirect you to browser where you can search all the right information about the source.

“Search the Web” feature is already rolled out in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US countries and available on latest WhatsApp versions on Android, iOS and WhatsApp web.

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