Top 20 Influential & Innovative Gadgets Of All Time


Look around yourself; you will see gadgets everywhere. The mobile phone you can’t live without, the television you kill the spare time with, and a lot more similar devices without them it is impossible to function in the modern world. Can you rate them as which is the best and which is the least important? We bet, you can’t. Here is our list of top 20 gadgets of all time, let’s see if you agree with us.

20 Most Influential & Innovative Gadgets of  All Time

Google Glass

In easy words, we will describe it as the wearable computing device. Google as always remained at the head of technology and created this wonder back in 2005. It looks like, but the glasses are interactive and provide a smartphone-like display to the person wearing them. It is like a hands-free mobile phone.

MakerBot Applicator

This is not the first or last 3-D printer, but it is definitely the one to make the technology accessible. It extrudes hot plastic that takes the 3-dimensional shape of an artwork, mechanical parts, and anything you want.


It is an electric scooter that is making walking obsolete, is there a need to say anything as to why we have included this in the list. As groundbreaking, as it may sound this personal scooter, is a win-win for us.

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

Pianos have been a part of almost every household since the, and the credit goes to Clavinova without a doubt. The piano we are talking about, however, is by far the best as it took the compactness of the spinet and merged them with the more modest synthesiser. It saved a lot of foot space and became the instant favourite.

DJI Phantom

It is no secret that drones will be replacing deliverymen soon. However, the most famous line of drones Phantom was launched by a Chinese firm DJI, and we have to include that in the list as the real game changer.

Raspberry Pi

This single board tiny computer has a price tag that matches its size. It has been never claimed that Pi would replace everyday computers. It is used in classrooms to learn programming skills. Eight million Pi were sold in a year now imagine the wide usage of this little master.

Nest Thermostat

This is again not the very first smart home device, but it captures the mass market when it was launched in 2011. It is easy to install; it programs itself, learns the schedules of the people, and uses Wi-Fi to connect to the phones. It is not only smart it is thoughtful.

Osborne 1

Osborne 1 is not what comes in our minds when we think about portable computers. This product has an influence over the marketing techniques up till now, and the infamous ‘the Osborne effect’ is still a thing for marketing students. The technology heralded it in 1981.


Pedometers are not a new concept, in fact, it has been here since centuries, but Fitbit is the one gadget that brings it into the digitalisation. The first device was launched in 2009, and in 2015 the company did a remarkable business by selling over 20 million devices.

Sony Discman D-50

After the success of Walkman Sony launched its Discman in 1984. This device played its role in usurping cassettes as the dominant music format, and it only took less than a decade.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset was a complete flop for many in 2016 because it will always be remembered for making us familiar with awkward strapping shapes to our faces in order to see the real yet imaginary places.

Apple iBook

No matter how outdated it may look now, we must never ignore the fact that it is the first ever laptop which offered wireless networking. It grew into a real serious business.

Motorola Dynatac 8000x

The first true cell phone was Motorola Dynatac 8000x, and it was launched in 1980. Now cell phones are so ordinary that they can be ordered from voucher code online without even getting up from the couch.

Palm Pilot

It is the one behind solidifying handheld computing with its launch in 1996. It paved the way for BlackBerry and then today’s smartphones.

HP Deskjet

This gave the computer owners a chance to print two pages per minute which were a treat in front of the lousy and extremely noisy dot-matrix technology.

Nokia 3210

It not only became the best seller and introduce the cell phone to the new audiences, but it also featured an internal antenna and games like the snake for the first time.

Jerrold Cable Box

It is the first commercial box. It was a wood-panelled console with three-way sliders to control dozens of channels.


It was launched in 2006 and with its motion control wands has done more for the interactive entertainment than any other game system.

Sony PlayStation

This brought gaming to every household that’s all we have to say.

Toshiba DVD Player

It marked the final good-byes to the tangle-prone magnetic tape and made it possible to watch digital movies.

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