7 Factors & Things to Consider while Buying a Hoverboard


Speaking of hoverboards until the last century seemed to be fictional, whereas today we have them in real. The cool self-balancing scooters that everyone wants to buy. However, lost in the charm of new technology, people forget about their requirements, they judge products on their looks and without knowing much, they spend a high amount on it. Hoverboards work on sensors that maintain a person’s balance. It detects the direction in which the person wishes to move. High-Tech sensors are not present in every hoverboard, so it is very important to look for the best specifications while buying a hoverboard to prevent any miss happenings or accidents.

We have made a list below for you to have the best purchase for your experience. Follow it to avoid inconvenience.

#1 Safety Measures

Serious safety measures should be considered prior to your purchase of hoverboard. The National Association of State Fire Marshals has warned that fire explosions are “not a unique occurrence” with hoverboards. It should be verified and certified by a top leading certification body. It ensures that battery and other electric motors in the hoverboard are safe to use. Other than the brands it is also important for you to take notice of things such as to avoid leaving it overnight for charging, to not overcharge it and to not use any third-party chargers.

#2 Product Quality

The quality of the product should be the main consideration of any buyer, as there are many fake hoverboards present in the market with comparatively much cheaper prices. They might be dangerous for users, so one should look for a hoverboard under a good brand name. A product with bad quality may lead to over-heating and fire explosion. Make sure to check the frame, the housing material, sensors, internal motors and material of wheels etc. Hoverboards of leading manufacturing companies would have good quality so you should opt for them.

#3 Battery

Another important feature to consider is the time the battery takes to charge and how long it can last. Battery life matters the most for any hoverboard user, as they won’t be able to have fun if after going a few miles their charge would be zero. Your preference may vary according to your purpose. If you want to buy a hoverboard for traveling purpose then you should go for a bigger battery hoverboard.

#4 Speed and Range

Usually, most of the buyers do not focus on speed, whereas it does vary from slow to fast. It may vary from 2-10 miles per hour depending upon the hoverboard. When perfectly charged, it can also cover 10-15 miles per hour. A range of hoverboard defines how far we can go and it depends on the weight of rider as well as the hoverboard itself. Knowing the speed and range is very important. It helps you to estimate the time to reach a certain place.

#5 Maximum Weight & Portability:

Along with the knowledge of how much weight a hoverboard can carry, it is also important to learn about the weight of hoverboard itself. If you plan to carry your hoverboard for a long distance trip then it is important to keep its weight into consideration. Normally a hoverboard can carry a maximum weight of 100kgs.   On the other hand, carrying a hoverboard won’t be an easy task for you when it weighs almost 10-12 kgs. A basic tip for you to look for a hoverboard would be to make its usages clear to yourself, and places you’d take it along so that you don’t have any issues in the future.

#6 Wheel Size:

The different sizes of the wheel affect the movement of hoverboard in different places. Let it be mud, grass, road or any other surface. Bigger wheels make the ride more stable on rough surfaces. They balance the weight of the rider and prevents him from falling down. A normal hoverboard has around 6.5-7 inches whereas modern models of hoverboard released also has some 8 inches and 10 inches.

#7 User of Hoverboard

Knowing the age, size, and weight of the person who will use the hoverboard is very important while choosing. Basically, if the child is too young and is asking for a hoverboard, you should not even buy one for him as he may face accidents. A grown-up child can manage himself and can carry it well, but a hoverboard of his size should be bought for him. Many leading companies do have special hoverboards designed for children. Other than that, for elders, a hoverboard with a larger foot area and weight management would be required.

To sum up,

The hoverboard is the hottest transportation gadget of this era. However, it is not the new transportation gadget, but still, it’s fantastic and fun loving features have catches the sight of all the hoverboard lovers. And they are still looking for new and modern hoverboards with the latest technology. For this, I suggest you figure out the 10 best self balancing electric scooter 2019 and then choose the top 1 that fulfill your needs and by considering the above factors. I am sure you will find the best match!

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