PUBG Mobile – New Anti-Cheat System Banned 988,533 Accounts [Details]


Last year in September 2020 Government of India banned PUBG in Indian market along with hundreds of other Chinese apps. PUBG Mobile is still trying to re-launch their game in Indian market because this popular battle royale game has huge gamers base in India and everyone eagerly waiting for this game to play.

As mentioned this battle royale game has huge game base because of high quality graphics, intense game play, action and multiplayer capability. But, with every big and popular game there are some cheaters who loves to hack game and to cheat in the game. Yes there are many hackers who always takes unfair advantage of the game.

PUBG Mobile team is already aware about the hackers and cheaters in the game thus to combat these hacks and maintain fairplay they have developed several anti-cheat systems which can detect cheaters and ban them in no time.

Not just that, but PUBG mobile also publish weekly reports of banned players on their Twitter handle. Recently PUBG Mobile published their 20th report to ban the players from the game.

Recent banned players report revealed that PUBG Mobile banned 988,533 accounts due to various reasons. This report consists report from 15th Jan to 21st Jan 2021.

PUBG Mobile Banned Accounts Status

Here is the breakup of banned players in PUBG Mobile

  • 1 % of Conqueror tier accounts
  • 7% of Ace tier accounts
  • 10% of Crown tier accounts
  • 12% of Diamond tier accounts
  • 10% of Platinum tier accounts
  • 10% of Gold tier accounts
  • 12% of Silver-tier accounts
  • 38% of Bronze tier accounts

PUBG Mobile Banned Accounts Breakdown

PUBG Mobile also released the list of reasons why the accounts got banned from playing the game. Here are the detailed reasons.

In banned list the maximum users banned due to Auto Aim Hacks. Yes, 28% users banned from the game because of auto-aim shoot hacks which shoots enemy automatically.

21% Users banned due to modification of area damage which means cheaters increased the bullet damage so, they can kill others instantly in the game.

18% Users banned due to X-Ray visions, means users were taking unfair advantage of the game to see the exact position of enemy through covers and walls in the game.

14% banned due to speed hacks where as 11% banned because of character modification hacks.

PUBG Mobile published first report on 29th Aug, 2020 where 1,273,152 accounts were suspended. Second report displayed that 1,838,223 accounts banned from the game.

Last week PUBG Mobile also released banned players data where 1,217,342 accounts were banned from the game. However this number decreased by 21% this week compared to previous week.

We will keep updating you about banned players in PUBG Mobile so, you can take care of it.

PUBG Mobile is eagrly waiting to launch the game in India as FAU-G is all set to launch in Indian market on 26th Jan.

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