How to Add a BCC in Outlook – 3 Steps Set Up Guide to Set BCC in Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client where users can configure their email accounts (Personal & Company). On Microsoft Outlook users can easily use multiple email accounts at once. Outlook has various versions so far and we can say current version is above everything else.

Before getting into the guide here we need to address few of the important benefits of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Many of users are already aware about CC (Carbon Copy) in mail but hardly anyone using BCC so often.

If any user is planning to send single mail to large number of users then they should add Email Addresses in BCC rather in CC to protect other user’s email privacy. Those Email Addresses in BCC field won’t be visible to recipient thus it’s the best practice to add Emails in BCC field.

When an email is forwarded then only those Email address will be visible which is in “To” and “CC” field not in BCC thus make sure you follow this practice everytime you send mails to bulk users.

Microsoft Outlook doesn’t provide BCC field by default thus many users finds it extremely difficult to enable BCC field in mail. Here we will guide you about how to add a BCC in Microsoft outlook.

Note – Current screenshots are taken from Microsoft Outlook 2007 version but it’s the same process for most of the outlook version.

How to add a BCC in Outlook

Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook

Step 2 – Click on “New” mail button to send fresh mail to any user

Step 3 – Click on “Options” menu to enable BCC field in mail

Step 4 – Select “BCC” option now

Step 5 – Add Email Address in BCC field now

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