7 Free Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Latest Movies & Tv Shows on Smartphone

Let me assume that you are sad by hearing the news that Terrarium TV mobile app is shutting down and you can’t use it to watch your favorite movies and tv series or shows. If you don’t know about this brilliant free tv shows and movies mobile app than let me tell you something about Terrarium TV mobile app. Terrarium TV mobile app allows you to watch your favorite and latest Hollywood movies or tv shows in HD absolutely free. This Terrarium TV mobile app provided great content all at single mobile app for it’s viewers. Isn’t it great? Because you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch any latest movies or tv shows.

With this Terrarium TV App you can’t just watch movies or tv shows online but can download the videos within the app to view offline. Yes, users can easily download their favorite tv shows and movies directly from mobile app to see later in free time.

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Terrarium TV App recently discontinued it’s services and users no longer can use this APK. Lots of users asked for the best alternative of Terrarium TV app APK to watch their favorite movies and tv shows absolutely free. So, here we are listing some of the most popular alternatives of Terrarium TV App.

There are plenty of free movies and tv shows streaming app available in market which can be used as a Terrarium TV app alternative.

Free Terrarium TV Alternatives

  • Showbox
  • TeaTV
  • MovieBox HD
  • PlayBox
  • Popcorn Time
  • Cinema Box
  • Kodi

Best & Free Terrarium TV App Alternatives

#1 Showbox


I always preferred showbox mobile app over Terrarium TV App to watch my favorite tv shows and movies on my smartphone and that too in HD mode. This Showbox mobile app was actually trendsetter for movie lovers and it became extremely popular amongst the smartphone users who loved to watch free tv series and movies on their device. The interface of Showbox mobile app improved a lot since the first release and people loved it. The only problem with Showbox app is that it serves lots of ads (Not between the movies for sure). Showbox can be preferred as the best alternative of Terrarium TV App that’s why it’s on number 1 position.

#2 TeaTV


TeaTV is also considered as one of the best Terrarium TV app alternatives to watch movies and tv shows. TeaTV provides free 1080p movies and all latest tv shows which users can run on Android, Windows and MacOS devices. TeaTV is very fast and very simple to browse you favorite movies and tv shows. On TeaTV viewers can even watch movie trailers, reviews and upcoming movie details easily. Users can also download the movies and tv shows on their Android device to watch them later.

#3 MovieBox HD


MovieBox HD is another Terrarium tv alternative to stream movies and tv shows. This app doesn’t require any registration and users can enjoy movies in HD quality. This MovieBox HD app doesn’t allows you to download any streaming content to watch it later.

#4 Playbox


Play Box is another free platform/app to watch movies and tv shows in HD quality. Play Box doesn’t require any registration or demands any payment method from you. Yes, the videos in the app do have commercials as they mentioned but fewer then online cable content. Play Box has indeed largest collection of latest movies and tv shows and airs legally on their app.

#5 Popcorn Time


Unique name isn’t it? Yes, Popcorn time allows users to watch hundreds of movies and tv shows free on their app. The interface of popcorn time is absolutely smooth and easy to understand. From user interface users can directly access the latest movies and tv shows.

#6 Cinema Box


Cinema Box is another best alternative of Terrarium TV App. With the help of Cinema Box users can easily watch latest collection of movies, tv shows, listen to music and download wallpapers. This app is certainly has some advance features which other apps are lacking. In Cinema Box app users can even watch movies and tv shows trailers and ready reviews directly from IMDB app.

 #7 Kodi


Kodi media center doesn’t requires and introduction as it’s one of the best rated platform to watch tv shows and movies. Kodi is an award winning and open source cross platform software player where users can do hell lot of things. It’s easy user interface allows users to browse and watch any movies and tv shows. The only disadvantage with kodi is that you need to install 3rd party add ons which requires some technical knowledge to enjoy the movies.

If you have any other free alternative of Terrarium TV App then let us know in comment section.

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