Users can Now Upload & View 4k Images on Twitter for Android Devices (Download APK)


Twitter has 350+ million active users which makes Twitter one of the biggest social media platform. Twitter is quite infamous when it comes to compressing images & videos while uploading on the platform. Yes, if you upload high quality image or videos on Twitter then the platform will compress it automatically and users are unable to view high quality media.

Professional photographers and ordinary users are quite disappointed with this for sure. But in 2020 Twitter iOS app provided the feature to load images in “4K’ which made iOS users extremely happy. After this move Android users were quite disappointed because they didn’t get this option soon afer the iOS update.

But, good news arrived in 2021 for Android users. Now Android users will be able to upload & view 4K Images on Twitter from their Android devices. Android users is all set to get “Load 4K” option in Twitter App. This update is not directly available on Android play store but it’s live on Twitter v8.76.

To view 4K image in iOS Twitter app user has to press and hold the image to reveal the 4k Option. But if you are android user then you need to click on 3-dot menu to reveal “Load 4K” option.

This feature is only available on Android Twitter v8.76 so, you can download APK from APK Mirror to try this feature

With the help of new Twitter version users are not just able to view the 4K Images but they can also upload high quality images on the platform. To upload the 4k Images on Twitter you need to go Settings and privacy > Data usage > High quality image upload From this window you need to select whether you want upload high quality image from mobile data or wi-fi.

Once you enable above option then just open Twitter app and upload image with a resolution of more than 8.3MP (4K resolution).

If you are enable to see “Load 4K” option then let us know in the comment section.

This news first revealed by @Android Police

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