Role of Chatbot in IT service management (ITSM) | A Descriptive Blog

The chatbotis the latest manifestation of artificial intelligence thatis simplifying the way IT services are delivered to the end-users.

Chatbots are instrumental in drivingIT servicesin modernorganizations.They augment the relationship between customers and service providers as they are equippedwith learning capabilities backed bycutting-edge technology.

Chatbotscan help organizations tosolve a variety of complex andrepetitiveproblems. And thereby,they help in bringing down the expenses incurred in terms of service and support.

Further, they assist in accelerating the reaction time and provide a breathing space for service technicians, so that they can be utilized in more challenging roles.

Chatbots are the outcome of an ongoing AI revolution.Tech-gurus are suggesting that most of the conversations that a consumer does with an organization these daysare actually with a chatbot.

In a recent survey, it was found that 40% of millennials interact with a chatbot on a daily basis. (G2’s Facebook Chatbots Guide, 2018)

Chatbots: What are they in reality?

A Chatbotis a software solution. They have been developed with the purpose of communicating with humans and are powered by machine learning technology.

There is a particular stream of AI research called natural language processing (NLP) whose purpose is to extract meaning from the interactions between machines and humans.They assist in comprehending questionsaccurately, decipher them properly and finally respond in a fitting manner. Therefore, the NLP branch of AI aids the chatbot to deal with human interactions and understand the communication contextually in order to stay relevant and precise instead of being vague in its response.

Due to machine learning a chatbot gradually becomes more knowledgeable and efficient in solving problems for the customers. At a given point of time, it may happen that the bot may not possess the concerned information in its knowledge pool. During those moments, the chatbot passes the query to an operator or a service technician,who is a human.

Chatbots: Their present state and future prospects

It is somewhat true that the mass adoption and mass acceptance of chatbots is still awaited. However, chatbots solving business-to-customer issues is expected to rise in the future.

A recent survey, the State of Chatbots Report 2018, has shed light that during the last economic year,