Worst Passwords of 2018 Revealed by SplashData – “Donald” Debut This Year

Password management Software Company called SplashID revealed the list of worst passwords of 2018. Each year around this time SplashID releases the list of the passwords considered or used as the worst around the year. This year SplashData analyzed more than 5 million passwords which leaked online and made a list of top worst passwords. These are some of the passwords which are easily guessable by other users.

This year’s list generally has the usual passwords like “password” and “123456” in it which comes in the list every year. “123456” password tops the list in straight fifth year. This year one more password made debut in the list which is quite surprised and that is “Donald”. These passwords are considered as very easy passwords and as per SplashData CEO Morgan Slain is a “real head-scratcher” because internet users are taking it as lightly and putting themselves at risk.

Apart from “Donald” password 2 more passwords makes their debut this year. “aa123456” and “password1” are 2 new passwords made into the list. Here is the list of top 25 worst passwords of 2018.


Here is the list of 100 worst passwords of 2018.

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