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10 Ways Drones are Being Used – Useful Drone Usage Guide

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or popularly named drones, are nowadays used not only by photography enthusiasts and civilians with hobbies but used more and more by the government, the military, the private sector, companies big and small. Small scale drones are swifter, portable and easy to handle and hence have found their way to all […]

Role of Chatbot in IT service management (ITSM) | A Descriptive Blog

The chatbotis the latest manifestation of artificial intelligence thatis simplifying the way IT services are delivered to the end-users. Chatbots are instrumental in drivingIT servicesin modernorganizations.They augment the relationship between customers and service providers as they are equippedwith learning capabilities backed bycutting-edge technology. Chatbotscan help organizations tosolve a variety of complex andrepetitiveproblems. And thereby,they help […]

How to Track a Phone with TheOneSpy App

Over the years cell phone technology is on the rise and today it has become gene in a bottle. You just need to open this bottle and you will enter a new world where you can spend hours and hours without blinking your eyes.  So, today there are three major communities are very concerned and […]

7 Factors & Things to Consider while Buying a Hoverboard

Speaking of hoverboards until the last century seemed to be fictional, whereas today we have them in real. The cool self-balancing scooters that everyone wants to buy. However, lost in the charm of new technology, people forget about their requirements, they judge products on their looks and without knowing much, they spend a high amount […]

Top 20 Influential & Innovative Gadgets Of All Time

Look around yourself; you will see gadgets everywhere. The mobile phone you can’t live without, the television you kill the spare time with, and a lot more similar devices without them it is impossible to function in the modern world. Can you rate them as which is the best and which is the least important? […]

6 Best Live Game Streaming Platforms/Sites for PC Gamers

Gamers are always on the lookout for the best websites that can help them to stream their games so they are always entertained. If you’re tired of using one site and you’ve been keen to try out some of the more modern ones then it’s time to explore. Some streaming sites are slow and some […]

The Power of Data Integration

Data integration provides businesses with high-quality data that helps them run better and grow faster. Powerful stuff? Yes, but powerful doesn’t have to mean complicated. The power of data integration lies in its simplicity. Why data integration matters Businesses rely on technology to make everything work. CRM systems like Salesforce help manage customer relationships, ERPs […]